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Smooth camber and curbs

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Ryan Hieronymus, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. Ryan Hieronymus

    Ryan Hieronymus

    Hey guys, I have a couple of questions about BTB. I've got two corners that are long sweeping corners that have 15 and 20 degrees of camber. The problem is, when I drive around them I'm getting very large bumps in the track while going through the corners. It almost looks like the tarmac is folding in on its self through the corner. Its much worse at the apex than it is at the top of the corner. I've tried creating a new surface and adjusting the panel length down and up in size and it makes no real difference. Do you have any advice on how to get rid of these divits in the track and get smooth corners with lots of camber?

    Also, simple question: any advice on how to make curbs? I can see the texture in SObjects but I dont know how to make the surface to put the texture on.
  2. R Soul

    R Soul

    Can you post a screenshot of the corners? I've only ever had problems with corners that are so tight it's not funny.

    Kerbs can be made with SObjects (look at the icons in the toolbar), but I tend to use a wall with kerb-shaped cross section. All info is in the help file, the videos on the BTB website and I made a list of what buttons to press, which on the site in my signature:
  3. FerrariMan96


    If you want kerbs to be a seemless transition from track to kerb, then you can make the kerb from the track itself by changing the track shape to somethig like this (**see pic below**) and changing the material. When you do not need a kerb (like on the left side of my pic) you can just flatten the shape and change the texture to grass.


    //Sorry about the shoddy pic but it's just drawn in paint as I am not on my BTB computer ATM//
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