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Skin sharing: how does it work ?

I got an intresting question from @Nicolas Delamare :thumbsup:

Hi, I need some tips about the skinshare: Xavier Poirel have sent to me te replay of the 1st race at Suzuka, and my car isn't displayed with my skin, why, and how to resolve that ?
First things first:
How does skin sharing work?

So you have an "xxxxalt.dds" assigned to a car and you join a server.

Your skin uploads to the server. In the "packages/skins" folder of the server. (Now you know what the skins-folder is doing in your packages folder. If you don't host, it's unused)

The xxxxalt.dds file gets a user "prefix" this is a unique rF2 ID number.
You can find this ID number in the player.json. (Don't change it!!!)

For example: "xxxxalt.dds" becomes "_12345_xxxxalt.dds"

That file will upload to each client into the UserData/player/settings/"Carmod"/"carnumber" folder.

So Nicolas is using somebody else his replay. The replay file is looking for Nicolas his skin _12345_xxxxalt.dds. But it isn't there... Only as xxxxalt.dds

So what Nicolas needs to do is
- find his unique ID number in the player.json
- make copy of his skin in the same folder.
- and name it with his prefix number: _userID_xxxxalt.dds

My guess is that @Xavier Poirel his skin isn't showing as well. ;)
For that to happen you need to reverse the process.

- Find Xavier Poirel's skin
- make copy in the folder
- remove the _userID_ predix

Note: i think Xavier is using a default skin... So no problem there. :cool: