Singapore graphics went backwards?

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  1. Consty


    First off I'm really enjoying the game, looks great running off my laptop and I'm able to max out most graphical settings. However, Singapore looks terrible graphically, I'd go as far as to say it looks worse than the 2010 Xbox 360 version of the circuit. What surprises me is that in the 2011 game Singapore had taken some fairly large steps forward graphically so I was anticipating a leap forward again for 2012 but unfortunately it appears to have gone backwards.
  2. Jace11


    The cars seem way too dark to me, the track surface is well lit, and the cars are casting black shadows underneath, so where is the light on the cars? Considering they are polished to extremes and covered in brightly painted glossy carbon fibre, it has a very unreal look about it. I know Singapore does have a unique look in real life, with the darkness. Maybe moddable, i'll take a look...
  3. Michael Llewellyn

    Michael Llewellyn

    I agree with the lighting being a weird issue this year, the cars are not reflecting anywhere near the amount of light being directed at them. I do hope someone can mod this.

    Playing on PC and still seeing the issue you are talking about.

    Yet at Abu Dhabi the light seems spot on in the PC version.

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