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Sim Racing Rigs | Before Lockdown vs After Lockdown

Dan Terry

Community Manager
An idea was spread around one of the communities I work with of doing a "Before vs After Sim Rig Edition" for the recent and lengthy lockdown periods! Fellow RD community members: it's time to show your updated sim racing rigs!

As we are all well aware, the sim-racing world has exploded over the past 12 months and that has bought in some really interesting ideas and more time to work on that dream sim rig project that you may have been too busy to do!

Feel free to share your stories of your sim racing lifes before lockdown and after lockdown along with some images of your awesome rigs!

I will start with mine, I started as most of you did with a controller on PC. Playing Project Cars 2, doing public lobbies with a scenario we called '8 Lap Bangers!' GT3, 1 Mandatory stop 10 Minute Qualifing, 8 Lap Race. Some of the greatest fun i have had with friends to this day! Lobbies would fill up over 1 or 2 races and due to the public player base, alot of the same names became aparent on the grid and it was an awesome experience!

Before Lockdown


Numerous upgrades have been had since that day, I now have a desk and rig setup, a sit/stand desk with triples for 24 inch monitors for the broadcasting work i do for my community and the rig behind me is a NextLevelRacing GT Track with a 27 inch monitor.

After Lockdown


Post images of your rigs and the stories behind them in the comments below.
As many others Covid made me pick up a new hobby. I don't know if the hobby is mostly doing sim racing or building a simrig. But probably a little bit of both.

Before Lockdown:

After Lockdown:


Rig: Sim-labs GT1-EVO (keyboard tray, DD1 mount, mousetray, screen mounts, speaker mounts etc)
Seat: Sim-labs SPEED1 Bucket
Wheel: Fanatec DD1 PS4 edition with a Fanatec F1 V2
Pedals: Heusinkveld Sprint
Screens: 4 x AOC 32" 1440p
PC: Ryzen 5900X, Gigabyte RTX 3090, 64GB ram
Sound: GoXLR Mini, AudioTechnica AT 2035 XLR Microphone, Blue Compass Boom, Logitech Z906 Speakers, Astro A03 In-ear (and some Sennheiser Game Zero for longer stints)
Camera: Fujifilm X-30
Boots: Sparco K-pole