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Sim racing. 65" or 27/34"?

Yes I know.. weird question.
I can use my seat with a large 65" tv 4k (played at 1080p 60hz) and usually this is what I do but now I feel that I need more hz and thinking to buy a dedicated monitor 27/34 range with 144hz (or more?). I will lose a lot of immersive experience but I will gain in hz. What do you think? Keeping me on the Tv or monitor 144hz?


More Hz only gives you an advantage if you can maintain higher fps too.
You should check your fps by disabling vsync and and either the steam fps counter or or another fps counter.
Then there are a few aspects about this in general:
- vsync on/off (I can't play without syncing. It stutters, always!)
- if 144 Hz monitor: vsync off or gsync/freesync required to show the higher fps

- Pixel density is pretty bad with 1080p/65". 27" 1440p would give way more clarity and less aliasing, so you can see white lines etc better for hitting apexes and use full width and nail braking points

- input lag on TVs might be good on some but compared o vsync off or gsync/freesync it's huge! You don't think it's an issue until you experience gsync (like I did)

Field of view or how much you see left and right.
Veritcal viewing area isn't important in simracing. As long as you see the whole windscreen it's fine.
But one of the ultra wide monitors would give you more view to the sides.

In Text:
I have a 55" 1080p Samsung TV. Very low input lag, playing shooters with mouse is okay!
The big view is amazing, although the field of view (size/distance) was "bigger" in my 16:9 27" 1080p monitor.
The aliasing annoyed me with both, the viewing area in the 27" monitor felt bad and going closer to my TV... I could count the pixels.

So instead of upgrading my pc I went for the Alienware aw3418dw. 34" (27" height but ultra wide!), 120 Hz, gsync, 1440p.
My gtx 1070 is fully used in all games so it's right at the limit but wow, clarity, smoothness, no input lag, nice side view etc are all so awesome in comparison.

Summary: for me it's clear as day that the wider the better, 1440p, gsync or freesync is simply the best for simracing.
Even at only 60 hz/fps (gsync/freesync means both are the same ofc) the input lag is just Jon existent. Fluctuations in the fps aren't really bothering.
I can see apexes better and my view is:
Left = a little more than the a pole, so I see apexes that were hidden behind the a pole before
Right = middle between mirror and right a pole. Again, I see apexes earlier.

I'm using 49° vertical fov in ac, acc, rF2.

Here's a sample image:
I'm using a 1080ti in iracing so I will not have big problems with fps. I'm looking for a 1080p instead 1440 with 144hz. I'm not sure 1080ti is enough with 1440. Iracing is not a problem but I want to be safe in the future with new games arriving and I want to be in 144hz range