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  1. Boby Kim

    Boby Kim

    Get real - RUF GTR3 with 51 AI's @ Silverstone - 115% Difficulty. 30 min Quali = 4 pos / 25 laps incl mandatory pitstop

    Overall i think this AI is more advanced than the previous versions. I want to race realistic instead of starting nr 51 and ending nr 1 in ten laps. Finally i have the feeling: coming close is easy, overtaking is difficult. Exactly what i want. But it has a huge backdrop...

    I was not able to close the 1 second gap to the AI on 3rd. And i had to do my best to keep nr 5 of my back.
    When the pits openend, i noticed the heat at front started to rev up. I closed in on the top 3.
    Corner 4 (the loop) i put my RUF at the bumper of the nr 3 audi.Corner nr 5 (Aintree) i had a better exit and made use of the Audi's draft. Blasting down Wellington Straight i came out of the draft to the left side and set my mind on a overtake at corner 6 (Brooklands). Just before the <- arrow sign i braked bloody hard. One glance to the right and i knew i was on the inside. As i trail braked into the corner (my wheel on the kerbs...there was NO space left other than grass the RUF Jolting as the back wanted to takeover the front) i managed to "correction"steer into the corner and suddenly the Audi appeared on my right, slammed into me and spun me 180 degrees...****ERTHE****!!!:mad:

    The replay shows exactly as i describe: I was far on the inside and i had a great advantage. Though, the Audi somehow managed to speed up on the impossible outside line:O_o: and steered straight into me like i was not there....thank u!

    Got my witz together and resumed the race at 10th place behind a Bentley. After couple of laps behind the Bentley to research his capabilities i started my attack during the exit of Abbey. I came right on the ass of the Bentley storming down Village. I went to the inside and slammed the brakes at the kerbs on the left side which was difficult to see as the track is very wide. Any ways, again i peeked to the left, the Bentley was gone but i knew he was there somewhere. I needed to be careful. Trail braking i steered the RUF over the inside kerbs very slowly, to make sure leaving room for the fat-ass Bentley. I blinked my eyes, heard screeching tires and spun 180 degrees. The Bentley steered in like i was not there....GOD-DAMMIT:mad::mad:.

    During the rest of the race i happened again but that time i was able to barely hold the car on the track. I has way to many corner cutting warnings which left no room for any more mistakes. It was NOT my fault i spun off track.

    The AI race good and challenging. Only if they respect the inside overtake cars it comes close to what i consider to be a solid AI. And that comes from me who swears to rF2 AI.

    Bee out.
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  2. Christian Militzer

    Christian Militzer

    Well, AI is gonna be AI I fear. What you explain sounds like some AI paths are not ideal in this corner, maybe the devs can have a look at it if you post it in the Sector3 forums. Nevertheless, it is also kind of realistic to sometimes get 'overlooked' from the AI, or if the AI tries to make a harsh move. In real life, the other drivers sometimes also get situations wrong and end up touching a cleanly driving car - thats how it is. In these moments I really like the 'rewind' option of the F1 games - as un-simlike as it is, but it can help you if the AI does something stupid. In the end, I think R3e's AI is a little bit overly agressive, but that may be R3e's style, just like AMS' AI is a bit too clean.