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Shiny Fields

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Wizbiscuit, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. Wizbiscuit


    Hi chaps

    I have just upped my track (Shiny Fields) to the BTB Track section:


    I have upped this really so people may see how powerful and impressive BTB is, I am a complete novice amd this is all in BTB apart from I used 3DSIMED to pinch some objects (well quite a lot) from ISI's Toban & Mills. I dont think anything else is pinched, so sorry if I have something that I shouldnt.

    Ooo also I have used ISI's tools for setting up the pits and AI lines and stuff.

    No start lights as yet, so better watch the car infront :)

    Its a long old track, and I rather like it, got some good fast stuff, and some more tricky sections. I have based its looks off Laguna Seca and a sprinkle of LeMan.

    I will continue to work on this to iron out the rough edges, but it is raceable as it is...

    AI can be a little crazy, I made the line before the new curb feature, so on some corners that run to much curb, this can make the AI go

    1. Real slow
    2. Roll over

    Only effects some mods, so if they are running around at 25mpn try another :) I know the ALMS mod does this.

    I would be interesting in what people think (good or bad) but please take into account that this was all done for myself, mainly in a attempt to create my perfect track (layout more than looks).

    Hope it brings you some fun, and I hope it helps show people that with a little effort you can get something fun even though you have about zero skill...

    I will continue to tinker with this track, so if you see possible fixes let me know...

    Roll on BTB v7 with start lights :)


  2. Kyle Constable

    Kyle Constable

    Just a note, I've had that slow AI problem and have found that if you delete the corresponding talent folders, the ai should run as normal. Won't do anything for the rollover problem though.
  3. Wizbiscuit


    RoadHog as ok that sounds good, I will have a look at that (and when I get around to it, run around the track a few times and see if I can get the AI away from the curbs :)

    Makes for some good crashes if nothing else...
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