(Setups) Car bottoming out in Corners

Hi everyone,

after nearly a year of frustration trying to get Oval racing to work on other simulators, I finally booted up AMS for the first time, installed some oval mods, and started driving. I love it, and wish I had started doing this years earlier.

My problem comes in that my guilty pleasure is racing cars that weren't designed for oval racing and racing them on ovals. This seemed fine on other sims, but AMS is awesome in that it simulates the car bottoming out and even shows you the live ride height, which is how I know that most cars have an "issue" when I take them out of their natural habitat. In protest, they always bottom out on the right side through the corners on the oval - that's the side that takes nearly all the load. I had a look in the setup options for the particular car I was trying - the Super V8, which is pretty similar to the new NASCAR Next Gen Car - but even doing everything in my power couldn't save the car's right side from the asphalt.

For reference, I deselected the symmetrical setup option, raised the car on the right side and lowered it on the left, made the car super stiff on the right and super not stiff on the left, raised and lowered the tire pressures on the right and left respectively, but all to no luck. I could maybe make it a bit better by further increasing tire pressures and stiffening the anti-roll bars, but I don't know if that's going to help it.

Thank you in advance to anyone patient enough to read this. Any and all advice in the dark art of setups is appreciated!
Glad there's another oval fan with this Sim! I too have run a lot of cars on various ovals. Some work great others not so much.
You are definitely on the right track with non-symetric setups. The right side needs to be stiffer on the springs and your castor and camber need to be adjusted for just turning left. I usually use zero toe both front and back too. I adjust the ride heights to their minimum settings or, if you can look at the .hdv file (non Reiza cars) try to get the best "rake" that I can for diffuser and rear wing angle. I leave the roll bars pretty soft with just enough rear bar to soften it down one setting as the fuel burns off (the cars tend to get loose as they get lighter depending where the tank is).
Try the packers! It's what I do to solve bottoming after I get a setup that's comfortable and can run with the AI set at 115%.
Set the car up for 1/3 fuel and minimum bottoming. They will all bottom a little in high bank turns, just make sure you are clean down the straight. Then add full fuel and test again. Add packers very slowly as you test until you get minimal bottoming again but with full fuel. Then go back to light fuel and see how she handles.