Setups? Advices?


Mar 9, 2014
Hey, as I see no Setup Section I wonder if people have some to play around with.

I really suck at this game, even on very easy :D Manual setup isn't something I play around with yet, as I have no understanding of the bikes. This NPC dialog to setup the bike doesn't feel really different on the track, though.

I could also use some general advices from people that play this series for quite a while. I seem to be unable to make quick direction switches like from left corner to right corner, so I'm losing massive time.

Just had a few 25% races on each difficulty as Kevin Schwantz on the Sachsenring (I think :D) and my best was never under 1:31:XXX (TCS middle, coupled brakes, no brake or steer assist - I try to learn from my mistakes)

My last MotoGP was MotoGP 3 and I was quite good back then :D