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Discussion in 'DiRT 4' started by W_Akira, Jun 13, 2017.

  1. W_Akira


    I'm really loving this game. High quality career mode. The immersion is great, hope it goes to other titles too. Its nice to worry about the car status, get tips from the co-driver before stages, manage the team and all.
    Aliens will say the game is too easy, but I'm having so much fun on hardest and no restarts. Mist stages are a challenge and is always a good feeling see the podium animation. Especially when you mess up some corner and successfully recover. Or the leader crashes his car;).
    Cars feels a little different from DR, but setup changes make then more fun to drive. It would be great to have a fixed official setup thread for Dirt4.
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  2. robnitro


    Agreed, the settings in d4 make a lot more sense. In dr, lowering stiffness hurts you even on bumpy gravel, which didn't make sense.

    Most of the time i make my first gear taller and narrow down 2, 3, 4, 5 to closer ratios. 1st is always too short, spinning wheels even on tarmac!

    I also like to set rear torque higher on awd cars. 35f feels much better than 50f
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