Setup Megathreads?


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May 2, 2010
With so many cars, it will start to get very confusing to find setups as the game develops and goes into full release. Is it worth creating a bunch of "Circuit Megathreads", where people can post setups for whichever car they want in the track thread? That way, if you're looking to race at - say - Misano (when it comes out), rather than having to dig around through a mass of threads and finding three different threads for the same BMW around the track, it would make sense to have a megathread for Misano where people just need to specify what car they chose and upload the setup there. We will have 12 tracks in total, so it would help remove clutter, and perhaps some of the best setups could be linked in the first post.

Just a thought, and one that would be worth implementing sooner rather than later while the sub-forum is quite empty. It would be a great way to encourage more people to share setups.