Setup creation steps

Petr Kantor

Jul 22, 2008
Hello, excellent site!

I was wondering, with some setups accessible, what would you actually do to create a setup of your own? I read the Ramons setup guide, I hope i understand the mechanism behind the controls, but to put it together, and actually make it ride is something different.

I remember, there was a guide for Fia GT Racing that focused around motec device and software and described what to do in eaxh step to refine your own setup. I remember it was a pdf accompanied with excel sheet that was like a programm with about 30 steps to do to create your setup.

Too bad I deleted this about half a year ago as I realized im not gonna buy that game...

Not it would be useful for different game as we have all the controls nicely explained, right?

ANyone has a tip for this? Tnx

Happy driving (stay of my way, im unsteerable bullet)