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Setting up night server using content manager and elite game servers

Hey boys, ive done some searching on this one but ive come up pretty dry. So I have a rented server through elite game servers. And im trying to setup a night server. I've followed Highness's guide on youtube to setting up the server using content manager (
) I've also watched a few other guides on how to set the server up in general on content manager.

So when I get the server setup on content manager and go to upload the cfg to elite game servers website and restart the server using the cfg I made in content manager, my server doesn't appear. But as soon as I switch back to my previous cfg that I used originally the server appears. SOL and custom shaders is all up to date. Which I dont think it would have anything to do with it since the server isn't even showing up in the first place.

Thanks guys
So smtg in ur "Night-Configuration" must be wrong. Hard to tell without knowing ur configurations, but you should check the port-settings first.

There are just some extra lines added to the server config for SOL and CSP, which dont affect the basic configuration at all.