Setting up FFB during test, a few tips.

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    So it is a little of a pain with FFB until You can save a setting pare car.

    And make sure to use telemetry screen, so the FFB sine curve is not "clipping" .


    This gets REALLY complex, but I'm sure sim pros can handle it ;)

    "1) Once you enter the game (hit drive and IMMEDIATELY press CTRL+I to keep the AI from driving your car)
    2) Then press the F1 key on your keyboard. This brings up a dev menu that you can navigate with the cursor keys. To exit this menu, press the Backspace key.
    3) .. in this menu you should scroll down to the INPUT section. Press enter.

    There you should navigate to the FFB Masks section and DISABLE everything except the one on the top of the list (steering force).
    This forces the game to use only the FFB from the actual tyre/steering column. You disable/enable the settings with the left/right cursor keys.
    4) Then go back out of the menu and exit by pressing multiple times the backspace key.

    5 If a car's FFB feels too strong or too light you press the F1 key again and go into the VEHICLE menu (press enter).
    Then while there you can go into the FFB <something> (I keep forgetting the name here! .. but it's like the 2nd last item in the list) and adjust the Tire Force value up or down a bit.
    The more you add here the closer you get to clipping the FFB).

    NOTE: step 5 above you'll have to do again every time you drive! It's unfortunate and tedious but it is what it is.

    Step 5 is per car, but it also resets every time you exit or restart a session. A bit of a pain when You need to adjust it for almost every car, and differently on almost all of them, but I've gotten used to it.

    You can access the F1 dev menu while paused as well, but you need to exit it before resuming back into the game. If you wanna see the difference real time you can try it while driving. There's some pretty neat and complex stuff in there.

    Hope this helps. Cheers!"

    Tips stolen from a few wise men in the pCARS forum.
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  2. Andy_J

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    Too much hassle for me. Why can't they just have some presets that you can choose?
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  4. ONT


    There is a global Tire Force in settings, but it is my understanding FFB will not be balanced on all cars until tires and other physics are closer to RC.

    As much of a pain as it is I do understand the reluctance to do a balanced FFB every week or so.

    Things change fast with new builds, but a save function would be a big + :)
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    Damage Inc

    because it's "in development"???? Why are some still incapable of understanding this! LOL.

    Personally I hate having to delete my profile then set everything up every build...but hey, it's not finished and it needs to be done so I just do it.
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