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Season 6 Race 2 Nurburgring

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Valerio Vinassa, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran Premium

    Grid was 17th and after a bit caotic start (first 3 turn) Im in last place, front me Nicolai I do a few of laps behind him I tried 2 or 3 time overtake but all doors was closed along the laps some cars that return on track after mistake/spin I lost the contact so after this behind me Bob that put me a big pressure we have do many laps together nice mate:).A fews laps before pit front me David that spin I passed him but like a fury:) after2 laps David repassed me but spin again,think no more wheels for him or too throttle,go in pit in lap 22 second stint managed my position 13th front me at about 9sec. David and behind me Kurt at 1sec.my only thought " no do mistake " I see Anthony at box ( Im sorry mate ) now Im in 12th around the finish of race David at 5sec. and Kurt always 1sec. but in last chicane David spin again so gained 11th place and finished race in this position.I must say only one thing really fear for LAAAG last chicane with lag no nice:wink:.

    CONGRATULATIONS at Reik Valter Gaetano and at all drivers
    Thanks Nico for Event

    C U on track guys
  2. Nicolas Rouge

    Nicolas Rouge

    Qualify : 16th
    I almost reached my PB, but I'm slow on this track.

    Race : 10th
    Mixed feeling about my race. I was slow but had consistent lap times. I feel bad for Nicolai since I hit him in Castrol S in lap 1. I am also not happy about my mistakes, wich cost me some seconds and also suspension damage two times, but fortunately for me, it happened at the end of the first stint and at the end of the race, so it was not too bad for me.
    But I'm happy about the fighting with the other pilots. It has been a long time since last time I was chasing and overtaking someone. I made some very good overtakings, exclusively in my first stint. My second stint was calmer. Thank you Andy to let me unlap you.

    CU on next track. Is it Imola like in FPPS?
  3. Peter Marshall

    Peter Marshall

    [FONT=Calibri,Bold]Congratulations Reik! BIG congrats to Valter and also Gaetano.[/FONT]

    [FONT=Calibri,Bold]Q 13th[/FONT]
    [FONT=Calibri,Bold]A average time.[/FONT]

    [FONT=Calibri,Bold]R 17th [/FONT]

    [FONT=Calibri,Bold]The start went well and settled in behind Cristian and Jim. It was a lot of fun for 8 laps. Sadly, it all ended in tears with my car firmly wedged in the tyre barriers. I pitted for repairs, new front wing, fuel to the end and hard tyres.[/FONT]

    [FONT=Calibri,Bold]I came out of the lane and it was all very boring for many laps. Eventually I caught up to Bob and followed him around for several laps. We had a moment and both went off.[/FONT]

    [FONT=Calibri,Bold]Trying hard to stay out the way of all, I forced my tyres to survive 30 laps and hoped for rain. It didn't happened and I finished 2 laps down and classified last. [/FONT] Someone has to:)

    [FONT=Calibri,Bold]Look forward to seeing you all at Imola :)[/FONT]

    [FONT=Calibri,Bold]Thank you Nico and all.[/FONT]
  4. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Haven't had so much fun in ages:)

    Q P10 no where near my best as usual

    R, P6

    Got away ok, not too much drama, settled in behind Valter with Cristian behind, got some damage on lap 4 after contact, found it quite hard to drive after this but I managed to get to grips with it eventually, battled with Cristian for most of the first stint

    After pitting on lap 20 i got into an epic battle with Nico which lasted till the end of the race, Nico passed me into turn 1 and Andy snuck by as I left room on the inside, he was hiding behind Nico and took me by surprise:cool:

    Andy disappeared up the road and I managed to re pass Nico as he went wide, then just had to keep him behind till the finish, which I did, although I did close the door quite firmly on him on a couple of occasions:rolleyes: sorry m8,
    Grats to Reik and the podium, especially my m8 Valter for finishing P2 :thumbup:

  5. David McCradic

    David McCradic

    Congratulations to Reik, Valter, Gaetano, and all the survivors.

    Q: P11, 1:28.269. Only did 2 laps and got close to my PB, so I tried to focus on the race mentally instead of forcing hot laps.

    R: P9, 1 lap down. Basically I had a lot of luck that I tossed away. I wanted to start on hard slicks, but I think I chose something else, not sure what it was. Tires were heating up to 90C-100C when I expected more like 80C-90C, and my tires went down to 35% by lap 19 so definitely not hard slicks. On the first stint a lot of people had accidents and I managed to get up to 3rd behind Gaetano and Reik by the time I pitted on lap 19. I exited the pits in P10 with hard slicks, and was pleased with myself. But by lap 24 I had passed all the people pitting, and ended up in P4. Now I was confused, but accepted my luck and put all my practice to use to drive consistent and hold my place. On lap 27 I gained P2 from another pit stopper. I held on to lap 32 where I caught a couple of fighting backmarkers. I remembered my chastizing from the race director about patience when lapping, so I slowed down and lost my concentration, and on lap 34 when I got past them, I spun on a turn where I've never had one mistake in all my testing. My front wing and suspension were demolished, along with my podium chance. By the time I got back to the race I had been sent back to P9.
  6. Joe Isaac

    Joe Isaac

    Gongratulations to Reik, Valter & Gaetano.
    Happy to see you Valer on podium, you deserve it

    Aqua Vista Racing
  7. Anthony Ishak

    Anthony Ishak

    I was fired up when i got the call from the race director to join the race , thx a lot :good:, by the way, i did not say "Hi" when i joined as i did not want to disturb your qualy rhythm guys with my greeting :rolleyes:..

    Q : P8,
    many cars were lagging and the game was not running that smooth, but P8 was a great start..

    Race : DNF.

    as soon as the race started i found out that my steering has lost the FFB and was like water in the one hand i use for steering :tongue:, " did anyone get this problem before ?", i knew then i had a long tough race ahead to deal with.

    i started with 95 litters fuel and mediums, my car was heavy but turn one was safe and i found myself in P6 with David M on my tail , he was fast and lost a position after 3 laps , then i was in P5 when the flying Valter was chasing me for 13 laps until my tyres start losing grip , i lost control and span, then i had another spin where i lost many positions, it was very hard to control this steering when under pressure :tongue:.

    i pitted on lap 23 , softs this time, the car was great & i pushed as hard as i could and soon i was very close to join the fight with the pack ahead Jim, Nico and Andy but on lap 33 i lost control again and hit the barrier and lost a wheel..race over..

    Congratulations to Reik for the win, to zizzo 3rd and to Valter for the well deserved P2 on podium , well-done M8 :good:
  8. Alex Galyutin

    Alex Galyutin

    Tough race :)
    Mixed feelings. Start from the back rows, chasing Jim for 6th position, then mistakes, mistakes, mistakes..... Broken suspension two times. And after all finish in P8.
    Detailed report will follow after I watch the replay. (the same for incident reports, there is something to mention).

    Congrats to the podium. Especiall Valter. Great improvment mate!!
  9. Nicolai Nicholson

    Nicolai Nicholson

    Happens 1 out of 100 times for me. I think there is a key you can press to reset the FFB... I believe Vale knows about this.

    My race report will follow a bit later when I got the time :) grats to Reik, Valter and Gaetano!
  10. Anthony Moufarrege

    Anthony Moufarrege

    grats to Reik,Valter and Gaetano!!!

    well done
  11. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Grats to Reik and everybodyJ
    Thanks for the warming words. You are the most generous mates one can have.
    The chief engineer behind the race setup is Anthony. You all know me, so you must understand that he is a supreme tech. My report comes later after I have looked through the replay.
  12. Christian Ramlow

    Christian Ramlow

    my Race report

    q ok ! p4 its ok .. normaly nothing to say...

    r- Starting very good get P3 and can really really hard push david Thurnbull ... my car works so great .. so i can push him into a mistake on chicane. sry for this. then i can very easy follow reik on p2 ! i think great. my new set work really really better than the pacific race on sunday. so i want not so many timeloss to reik on stop, eventually i can pass him ... buuuuut... after my stop this was my f...... stint in my racing sim time... i lost 8 seconds on my stop .. ( pit crew wasnt there ) so my stop was early .i know but i needed with better tyres to catch reik ... all risk :) first lap i see i was 1 sek faster to reik .. yeah it works .. but then are so many cars in front of me .. this was my end .. pushed to hard . too many i hit one guy (my fault) .. dont know the name .. cant see the replay .. must waiting for him but he didnt comes .. im joining behind david thurnbull against ... my car was so fast constanly 1:29- med in this moment .. davids tyres are down .. and were on 1.31: high ..

    so i was 0,5 behind him and we go to turn 5 on lap 17 .. i go on left side .. david outside... then to turn 6 he brakes so early i to late .. no chance ...crash... out .. my mistake.. nobody can overtake there, i need to know that .. see massa and alonso 2007 .. !!!!!!! big sorry david !

    resume .. i think i had a good chance to win or p2 .. but my strategy didnt work :-(
    very dissapointed .. this was a good chance to get p1 in championschip ..

    but lives goes on .. cya on imola !
  13. Gaetano Zizzo

    Gaetano Zizzo

    grats reik and valter !!! nice driving david mc cradic i feel your pressure :wink:!!!! np bob i lose only 3 points, im fortunately than have finish race:party: !!! really thx mark for your help:thanks:!! im sry for your race !!!

    thx for this nice event !!!c u all on next track!!!
  14. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    Thank you all for your nice congratulations guys! :redface:

    Without a doubt the award "man of the race" goes to Valter for his 2nd position! Well done mate! This shows what you can achieve if you drive very consistent.

    Of course congrats to Gaetano, who completes the podium and to every point finisher, too! Finally every driver, who finishes deserves a congratulation. :cool:


    I joined at something around 20 mins before qualy. I tryed some laps and noticed different graphics issues. :frown: For example my helmet disappeared and I could only see shadows of some cars! Strange! Also the Motec XD overlay background disappeared some times. All together was very disturbing and things varied when I pressed alt+tab and then reentered.
    I decided to leave and join again. No effort. I exited the game and reloaded it. The practice was nearly over and when I joined again I didn't see my own car, neither in cockpit view nor in outside views! :confused: Just a flying driver above a shadow. That worried me very much and I had to let out the practice start. Sorry guys!
    Then, back in practice, I tryed a last rejoin to the game. Now only some issues still appeared.

    Qualify (1st):

    Still having some graphics issues (no helmet visible and transparent mirrors) I decided to put in some laps. After a 1:26:8xx I dared to alt+tab and reenter for the last time and somehow all issues were gone. :tongue: That was luck, but I was still nervous and afraid they could come back. I did some more laps and got pole by 1:26:6xx.

    Race (1st):

    My start went very well and in the mirror I saw Mark spin out. I felt sorry for him but had to concentrate not to over shoot the first hairpin. Without pressure from behind the first corners went well for me.

    Now I was chased by David until he fell back after some laps. Christian steped into the role of the chaser and did very well for many laps. Because of the tricky track, I decided to drive a style with some safety margins, so the gap to Christian settled between 2 - 4 seconds.

    But then also Christian fell back and I had a big gap to Gaetano being now in 2nd behind me. Now I knew, that only own big mistakes or technical failures could cost me the win. So I tryed to stay focused but not to be too agressive. That wasn't easy on this bumpy track.

    My pit stop went well and in the middle of the second stint I had some lapping maneuvers. None of them were a problem for me, but I felt a bit sorry, because I disturbed some guys fights. Sorry for that, but the race was still too long. Else I would have settled down behind Nico and Jim, who had a nice fight and good pace. I saw Nico spin shortly after I lapped him. I hope it wasn't my fault!?

    Finally I could bring it home safe and I'm happy after my 10th place at Silverstone. :D

    Now I'm curious about the track, we'll use in two weeks. Rumors said something about Imola, but I didn't see any offical call after our E-Mail voting...

    As allways I want to thank Nico, RD and MMG, because without them we couldn't have this kind of pleassure! :cool:
  15. Nicolai Nicholson

    Nicolai Nicholson

    I think the RD was running out of time the days leading up to the race, so he only managed to do the most important stuff. He did however have time to update prestogp.com to display the times from Imola in the correct spot and to open servers with Imola.

    I'm guessing he'll send out the results from the vote soon.

    But bottom line, Imola won :)

    That would be my fault :) I must be able to let a car past me without loosing focus :D
  16. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    thx for your quick replies Nico!

    If I'm going to lap someone, you can be sure, that I take the time to wait until a longer straight. So no need to hurry and drive unnormal lines. I can imagine, that I driver gets nervous if a fast car wants to lap. But it's your right to drive your way through a lap combination...
  17. Vincenzo Cavaliere

    Vincenzo Cavaliere

    Hello guys,

    Congratulations! Reik, Walter and Zizzo nice one! Congrats too Filippo Andy Jim Nico Alex David Rouge Valerio Kurt for some point! and Turnbull Bob Per Graham Peter Moufarrege Sean Joe Christian Fabian Mark Anthony for participate :)

    I'm so sorry, I missed this one, really Im practiced a lot and I felt very prepared for this race, I love this track I love drive on wet.. but :frown: no internet connection...

    Where can I download the race? I would like to see this :cool:

    See u next time,
  18. Nicolai Nicholson

    Nicolai Nicholson

    Should be availeble through a little program called PrestoGP Updater ;)
  19. Vincenzo Cavaliere

    Vincenzo Cavaliere

    Thx! Nico :)
  20. Kurt Kjellin

    Kurt Kjellin

    Grats Reik, Valter and Gaetano.

    xtra big grats to my team mate Valter for his 2ond place well done :D

    Q: 18
    R: 12
    Had a pretty good race, took it easy in the beginning. Had a good pace, and at L17, I was P10.

    Was hit from behind into warstiner curve and fell to P17.
    Did a little earlier pit stop and managed to get me up to P12 at the finish.

    Had some good fights with different drivers.

    Thx all for good racing.:)

    Hope to see you all at Imola
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