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Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Valerio Vinassa, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    good race at all:thumbsup:
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  2. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Race2 the beautiful thing about this race was sweaty so I spilled a bit of toxins:D
    I could not expect more from me, I came to the last moment and I knew I had big tire problems here.
    I did 3 pitstop but finished the race without mistakes, sure at lap 9 without front tires I went a bit on ice but if I think this race I could not do it in the end I'm so glad.
    Congratulations Tom, good work:thumbsup: and all us;)

    at the next
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  3. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran Premium

    had a frustrating night allround :(

    3 practise starts and 3 incidents at t1 set the tone for me.

    qualifying came and for some reason the front 2 guys were bunching up even before the end of the straight, so i ended up hitting someone under braking (you need to remember everyones trying to find a gap and that cant happen if the front guys are acting like its a safety car period)

    race 1 and i was following tom onto the straight, he went a bit wide, i went to the inside but felt i was heading for the side of his car so turned a bit more and lost the rear, ended up facing the wall :( just pure frustration from there, couldnt seem to do anything right.

    race 2, again frustration, half spins, full spins, lock ups, rattling wheel, i felt like just binning it into a wall. held out until lap 10 or so then gave up, if i kept going id have got seriously angry with myself and i cant afford to get too worked up.

    one of my worst ever presto nights, hopefully back to normal next race.

    grats the winners :)
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  4. Peter Decker

    Peter Decker
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Applause to Tom for a full triple yesterday evening, Q, R1 & R2! :):thumbsup::alien:

    There were some really intense and fun racing moments yesterday! This track proved to be able to create some tight overtaking maneuvers and keep the field pretty much together I think?

    Now it's a bit blurry what happened in what race haha, had several intense and fair fights with Tom, Artyom, Johannes, the Valles and others. Too bad I got spun around from P1 to P6 in race 2 which got my wheels flat-spotted and a bit body damage. Managed to fight back to P2 from that and was right behind Tom in the closing laps but pushed too hard in a corner exit and spun. Had pushed the tires hard and after the spin I got really out of tune (mental exhaustion) and made some remarkably bad ending laps. Lost P2 to Mario in the 2nd last turn :notworthy: Good fighting Mario until the end!

    With this form of Toms, I will start practicing Interlagos tonight! :geek::coffee::ninja::alien::sneaky::whistling:
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  5. Blauweke

    PrestoGP S18 Champion Premium

    What a race!

    Quali was great, i think it was my first hot lap that ended up being my fastest time. Apologies for backing everyone up a little though. i think it was the first time i was the first to go out of the pits and i wanted to save some fuel and heat my tires on the out lap.

    At the start of race 1 david spun when he was driving beside me, so i kind of felt guilty because i thought i might have caused it,but turned out he did it on his own.
    After that, it was mostly making sure peter didn't get to within a second of me. I won the race, but i felt like i made alot of mistakes; running wide, braking too early,..

    At the start of race 2 i reallly struggled to make up places, starting from the back. And after a few laps in had a spin at the end of the first sector.
    I was 20 seconds behind the leader after that. And then i couldn't get past someone for like 2 laps. I really though it was all over.
    Then i was in clear air, and i started just pushing hard and trying not to kill my tires. The pitstops worked really well, i would get up behind 2 cars and they would pit right as i got to them. I did one more lap to try and overcut them and it worked.
    After the pits i was running 5th i think. Only 7 seconds behind the leader now. I wouldn't win, would i?
    Then i just gave it everything on the new tires, set fastest lap and try to be a bit more daring on overtakes this time and before i knew it, i was right behind peter who was leading.
    I didn't need much time to overtake him and then it was just like in R1. I was a bit worried about my tires though. But that was eliminated when Peter spun. I just cruised to the flag after that.

    Race 2 was really incredible. To come back after being so far behind was just mad.
    Lets focus on interlagos now. Coming for you guys :sneaky:
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  6. Vlad Dogar

    Vlad Dogar

    Not a good raceday for me...

    Usually I am faster, or at least on the same position in the race as in qual. Was not the case yesterday. After a lonely Race 1, I couldn`t manage a full Race 2 just going backwards, and having no ideea how to improve.

    Hopefully I`ll have a better time next week.
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  7. Mario Marquez

    Mario Marquez

    Qualy wasn't too bad as I got 4th position on the grid but I hadn't find the fast pace for Qualy in this racetrack.

    Race 1 was a little bit miserable as I managed to destroy the rear tires in 7 laps and had to reduce the race pace significantly (not optimal setup with way too much downforce in the front of the car so I lost all the balance). Apart from that a good battle with @KikoValle in the last lap, where I could keep 5th. Not too bad at the end given the circumstances... :p

    I made some setup changes in the warmup before 2nd race to try to solve those problems. I softened the rear antirollbar, reduced rear tire pressure a bit and took out some front wing downforce. Those changes proved effective for the second race. :whistling:

    Race 2 started with a spin in the first turn and from there it was a race pushing hard, having good battles with @David Turnbull and other cars to make some progress. Around mid race, there was a mess at the end of sector 2 with all the leaders involved, which put me in the lead pack. I lead 2 laps as the tires were still fine and it was worth to have less laps to do with second set of tires for the second stint.
    After the pit stop I was 3rd but I was relegated to 5th position in a few laps. Then @Artyom Aslamazyan and @jego had contact and I could recover 3rd position. At that point of the race I was with tires in a very good shape but way behind the 2 leaders. In the last laps I could fight with @Peter Decker for 2nd, position that I got 2 turns before checkered flag. :)

    See you all at Interlagos :D
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  8. Nicolas Rouge

    Nicolas Rouge

    Never found the pace in both races, damn I don't know what's wrong with me and this track :thumbsdown:

    My setup was good for tires, never had time to test it for the whole race length so I pitted in race 2 but it should have been OK to stay on track, I could have won some places with that. But too much errors in race 2 near the end :(

    Congrats to Tom for the hat-trick !:thumbsup:
    CU in Brazil!
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  9. jego


    Q: Well, it did not go too good, I was half a second of my PB. So P9 for me.

    R1: The start was alright, by the end of T1 I was in P7, however Vlad, who went very wide come back onto the track and hit me in the rear, I did not see him in the mirror also did not expect someone from there to come onto the track. Oh well, first corner incident I would say, he was on the kerbs and tried to get back on the track. I spun out pretty hard, and hit the barriers on the side, but not much damage was done to the car, also the tyres did not feel all too bad, Vlad waited for me to recover and let me past. Thanks for that.
    I ended up in P8 in the end, I locked up my tyres way too often and missed apexes a lot, so I could not challenge Anton Valle for P7.

    R2: Started in P3, Nicolas managed to grab that position from me before the S'es, however I got that back before T11 and manage to keep that position on the straight, seems like I had much less wing then him, as he could not pass me, even though I had a bad exit due to taking the inside line.
    On Lap 2 I got passed Anton Valle at T12 because he went to deep into the corner, he tried to get back at me at the inside of T13 but locked his brakes and drove into my sidepot, it only slightly unsettled my car so I could continue, he spun however.
    From there my hunt for Francisco Valle, who had a lead of I think 5 seconds began. I managed to catch up to him by lap 6. I passed him on the start finish straight.
    Peter, whose life I made hard for 3 laps by braking super late (and breaking my tyres :rolleyes:) passed me on lap 12. I was passed on the long straight by Artyom also because I could not turn into T11, however Francisco hit him from the back at the braking point, that made him hit Peter. Martin passed us all and I stayed in P2.
    By that point my tyres were so cooked that I could not drive through the Ses any more and had to slow down a lot at T7 and Artyom drove into the back of me, not expecting my slow corner speed I guess and he spun. I went into the pits in P1 because Martin's car broke down that lap.
    I exited the pits in P6, but soon was back to P1 when everyone had pitted. I then was passed by Peter and Tom who were much faster. For a few laps I though I could maintain P3. But my tyres did not play along and I was getting so much understeer that I could at first barely keep the lap times below 1:47. Artyom came closer and closer and should have had me on lap 25, but he drove in the my rear tyre and spun out. But by this time my lap times dropped below 1:50 and I could not drive any more at all. It was miserable.:confused:
    Artyom went past me on the penultimate corner, however I managed to get back at him on the start finish straight though on the inside line. He either did not see me or was not happy about that as he nearly pushed me off the track. :confused:
    Obviously he got past me again, he seemed very aggressive though doing it almost causing us both to crash. Nothing happens but still, I guess it was frustrating to drive behind me seeing that he was clearly much faster that point. However it is very risky trying to overtake on the outside of T8 without leaving space and then passing by cutting the inside corner of T9, especially since he saw that I was not able to make any apexes any more and that I could not maintain the normal racing line any more. But oh well.
    I also got passed by Anton Valle on the last lap and I ended up in P6, lucky to actually make it to the end because my front tyres were completely gone....

    Overall, not very happy with the result, I had so many lock ups and completely ruined my tyres in the last race.
    See you on Wednesday guys!
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    Q: OK
    R1: fine
    R2: There I had one of my glorious moments in my racing history :roflmao:
    In the middle of the race there was a huge collision in front of me.
    There I was able to pass all and I was on P1 ...
    Hahaaaaa ... (I thought so) ... I will win :D
    Some corners later I thought, this is the moment to request a pitstop.
    So I pressed the button for the pit request ...
    ... the engine screamed .. had a questioning face ... till I realised ...
    it wasn`t the button for the pitstop, it was for the reverse gear :geek:
    Engine dead ... and no win ...

    Grats podiums and all finishers :thumbsup:
    Thx to all organizers :thumbsup:
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