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  1. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran Premium

    have a fun race;)
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  2. Mark Breslin

    Mark Breslin

    One minute cars were around me, the next.........gone!!??
    Carried on for 4 more laps, then stopped assuming it was a server problem.
    Obviously not.:whistling: As it seems I was the one that went AWOL:O_o:.
    Not sure what happened as I never lost internet??
    Oh well, til next time.:cry:
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  3. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran Premium

    more of this I couldnt:) Q10th R8th.
    In quali a bit far from my best but in first laps big fun with@Mark Breslin and @Phil Shillitoe and a meeting with @Sean Greenlaw crossed from @Dino Paolini and @Artyom Aslamazyan It seemed a nice race this until clearance of Mark and Phil.Front me 12sec. back Sten always alive :D good job mate,I managed the pit at lap 17 with a bit of problems with tyres when across the pit its just 30mins to go there I understand that the end of race will be hard with one pit so when I saw Martin behind me that earned sec on sec with a speed count the result is another pit too sec lost I must try go ahead so I did but in last 2 or 3 laps Martin was over me not behind:D and him in 2 laps give me 18sec :( the race is finished.

    Congratulations David David Dino and All us:thumbsup:

    cu at SPA
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  4. David Cook

    David Cook

    It all went much better than I expected. I did all my practice on what I thought was a very rubbery RR but I didn't know we had 3x progression on. I thought my times were way off all week, but I was practising on a RR with 350 laps when I should have been practising on a RR with 800 or 900 laps. I did a 1:38.334 in quali which was 1.3 seconds faster than my PB, but still not good enough for pole. A tenth behind Dino. Well done to him.

    I had a good jump off the line, looking to challenge for P1 into the first corner but Dino got taken out from behind so there was no tussle there. But, lo and behold, as I was counting my chickens Mr. Turnbull pounced on me into T2 and I lost the lead. Well played to him. I tried to stay close and I was gifted the lead on lap 3 after he had a bit of a moment out of the sector 3 chicane. After that point I just focused on keeping focused. Pitted on lap 19 for new tires. I was a bit worried others might not stop but I was relieved to emerge in the lead. Kept it tidy in the second stint and managed the win without much drama. The racing gods conspired to take out Dino and David in front of me so I must thank them mostly for the win. I very much doubt I could have overtaken either of them. And thanks to everyone for showing up and David for organizing.

    I'm not 100% sure I'll be at Spa next week. Hopefully I will be, but on minimal practice. I know there have been a lot of issues with the Spa trackmods. In the most recent season of FSR the technical team did a lot of work on Spa to iron out the kinks so you might consider using that 2015 FSR track. There were no issues during that weekend. Cheers all.
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  5. Stenne


    First, thanks all for taking me on. :thumbsup:

    This was really an exhausting and exciting experience for me.
    This was a lot of "my firsts". The cars, a league, the length, etc.
    My main goal at this league debute was to take the car to the finish, not to mess up the lappings and stay clean of incidents.

    I have been racing with wheel and pedals on a modern racesim since May this year so I'm really just learning all the time. A race of this length and challenging cars learnt me a lot I can bring with me to the next race.

    The race then?
    I knew I wouldn't fight for positions (but be aware towards the end of next season ;)) so I didn't try to push very hard, rather trying to get a good rhythm and trying to make consistent lap times. I did a couple of spins, the most severe one on lap 23 when my front tyre grip was gone. But I managed to get back on track again and got the chance to practice a pit stop. :)

    Well, that's about it!
    Great fun! Looking forward to next weeks race!

    Btw, about my name. It is rF2 that can't handle the "-" sign in names. So now I'm Sten Svensson in rF2.:)
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  6. April Dillon

    April Dillon

    That was awesome! Never a dull moment in that race.

    The early part of the race I spent back in my old FR3.5 habit of trying to be greedy on the race start. A good launch, staying out of trouble and snatching positions where I could got me quite a lot of progress in the first lap, and it's impossible to resist even if I wind up losing most of it later in the race anyway. This also put me in an unusual position; having Dino behind me. It wasn't long lived, but when I had Dino in my mirrors without blue flags for the first time (probably ever) I figured I'd have some fun with this position. I held him off as best I could. It didn't take him long to find a way past, but I'm sure I kept him more than 1sec/lap slower than he's used to for a few laps. Probably the last thing you needed there, I hope it wasn't too annoying. :whistling:

    I tried to give Artyom and Sean the same treatment. Both faster than me, but I figured anything I can do now may help later, especially with the variety in strategy. And that almost worked. As in the end, my 1 stop race was only 0.3 seconds slower than Sean's 2 stop race.

    I'll be kicking myself over some mistakes during the time Sean was closing the gap at the end, especially in the last 2 laps. And also for cutting my practice slightly short, as weak turn-in meant I was incredibly slow through the 1st sector especially. Most of the people who passed me did so right there. So there's a lesson for me I suppose. :p

    Congrats Sean for just getting ahead at the end, David T and Dino for the podium, David C for the win, and Sten for starting his Presto career with a survival! Welcome aboard. :thumbsup:
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  7. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran Premium

    Qualifying - 4th :)

    Happy with that, was a new PB for me, felt that I could've went faster at the end and probably should've with the amount of rubber but fairly close to the limit.

    Race - 2nd :D

    Very pleased to get 2nd place here, didn't think I had the pace to get on the podium after seeing the time's by the top guy's in qualifying but the situation changed with Dino and Artyom's (?) first corner incident, I was able to pass David C into turn 2 and set about trying to stay in front and maybe open a gap if possible, as David mentioned I made a mistake into the chicane and went off track on exit which lost me 1st to David C but being realistic his pace was much better than mine throughout the whole race all I did was make it a bit easier for him to get the place from me he would've eventually.

    All the way to the pits at half way I stayed roughly the same gap to Dino of around 14 seconds, after pit's this fell by sometime's 0.5 per lap and sometimes much much more, I made countless little error's that sometime's gave Dino upwards of 1 second per lap gain and I kept talking to myself to try stay calm and see it out, what a struggle it was though I think at the end Dino was 0.8 seconds behind maybe even closer, on the last lap I just went for it as best I could and it worked out but what I learned is that Dino is gonna take some catching with comebacks like that :)

    Grats David C and grats Dino for a great recovery, grats Sten for getting through his first race with us and all finishers.

    Cya all at Spa :)
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  8. Phil Shillitoe

    Phil Shillitoe

    I was having a great battle with @Mark Breslin and @Valerio Vinassa for 4 or 5 laps when a connection issue of some sort messed up my race. I was .6 of a second in front of Mark, then a split second later it showed him 3 seconds in front. Later in the same lap, I could see Vale approaching the chicane in S.3 around 3-4 seconds in front, before his car suddenly disappeared, and race ended! It was a shame, as I was quite consistent (for me anyway!) up until then! See you all soon :)
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  9. Artyom Aslamazyan

    Artyom Aslamazyan

    That was not my day ((
    Qual was not bad for me, started 3rd right behind Dino. I was wrong on braking before first corner and hit him and we got to last places. My apologies to Dino! Just don't know how I did that... Very disappointed I couldn't drive well and on top of all I forgot autoclutch. While cool battling with April I spun and my engine stoped.
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    Q: reached PB not at all ...
    Had a good feel before Q because practice laptimes seemed good :confused:

    In the beginning of the race I was short in P3.
    I imagined: "this last not long" :rolleyes:
    Then, race was like some others in this season.
    Lost plenty of wings :D

    In the last quarter I got motivated,
    because I saw Valerio 40s in front me,
    I was closing up fast.
    Finally I got him :D

    Grats to podium :thumbsup:
    Thx PrestoGP team :thumbsup:
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  11. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Q: 5th
    R: 5th

    One of those races that for whatever reason ends up being quite a lot of fun for me. Not a lot of practise and when I did I just seemed to put wear on fronts with some messing about to try and make better I probably would have been better just sticking with setup and using it.

    So into the race I was kind of thinking, go with the flow and after like 15 mins stints car would feel like steering like a boat. So just went for 2 stop.

    Start I lost a few places getting round the t1 accident and then managed to get to chasing April and pull a pass just starting at t1 finishing at t3 which was nice. Tim next and I passed into t1 inside. A few laps later though it was clear Tim was catching now my tires worn at front.

    I made a few mistakes and a spin which cost me a little and also then for 2nd pit it auto fixed damage (must change this) don't think this would have been enough to get anything more with 2 stop thought Tim would have been still ahead and in the end it made it to be a very close finish with April and just getting passed into last chicane last lap any more laps and I think I would have been repassed though lol.

    Grats David C, David T and Dino, Wd Sten and everyone who finished cyas at Spa tommoz

    Thanks to everyone PrestoGP!
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