David Turnbull

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Sep 17, 2009
Qualifying - 2nd :)

Although not happy with any of my attempts it was all still enough for p2 so I'm happy with that in the end.

Race - 2nd :)

Started badly, side swipeing Artyom, waited as long as I could and then drove on, made a few passes and settled in to try catch Dino, he went for the pits first around half way, I stayed out, I had a half spin in s1 which lost me 1 second so I knew I wouldnt be undercutting Dino for the lead, when I went to the pits they kept me stationary for 13 seconds (unlucky for me) to fix damage I didnt even know I had :( so came out roughly 9 seconds behind Dino. Managed to pick away at his lead until after lapping was done I was around 2 seconds behind and could smell the chance of a win, that was until I completely balls it up at T1 and spun leaving Dino unchalleneged for the win.

Could have been a bit diffrent in the end but very happy with 2nd and to put some pressure on Dino who gets it all his own way too often :p

See you all at Imola :)
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Valerio Vinassa

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Dec 24, 2009
Fun race in first laps nice and hard battle with @Thomas Wiesel until contact then I push hard for catch @Phil Shillitoe but we were on same pace so for many laps we have drove whitout mistake with 1 2 sec of gap we have also met @Nicolas Rouge for a bit of laps, when we were close to the pit tires a bit gone ,Phil lost a bit the car so easy and sure overtake .Lap 17 or 18 I did the pit and again battles with Phil, @Mark Breslin few sec in front but at T5 T6 I dont remember well Mark lost car so me and Phil pass him ,now Im in 7th 10mins race in finished back me came Artyom I let pass him in T1 tried to stay close him but in last laps no good tire so in T3 T4 lost car Phil and Mark pass me ,regain the track and after a bit Phil was on spin so gained a place finished 8th.
This time the race was fun for a lot of laps,Im happy:)

Congratulations Dino David Artyom and all us

at the next guys:thumbsup:

Dino Paolini

Jan 3, 2011
Q: Some nice similar laps stringed together. Q sure is very good this season for me :D

R: Turn1 was my enemy here on a couple of the practice starts and on the real start as well. Somehow I coudn't get a decent way of taking that with low-speed, even though it was totally fine when approaching it in highspeed :rolleyes:
I only kept the lead because of the start collision behind me.

First part of the race was a bit shakey as I kept sliding dangerously over some curbs in highspeed at sector 1 with a high fuel load. But when David managed to continuesly close up the gap I could get more consistency into the driving. With every small mistake the gap became less so there was really nothing to give if I wanted to stay in front.

After the scheduled pitstops I got a lucky break with David's extra pit-time, but that new gap also came down steadily over the course of the second stint.
Now I was just lacking some pace compared to David, as my driving was much cleaner than in the first stint here.

The final lucky break for me came when David had an off a couple of laps before the end :confused:
In hindsight it was really needed for me, as I lost massive time when encountering Heiko on the last 2 laps when he was doing his version of Drunken Master :roflmao:

Needed some lucky stuff here this time to win as David was certainly the fastest man on track, so kudos to him and thanks to all the guys who managed to race :)

Next is Imola and after that I think it is finally time for a bit different setups as I think the maximum downforce ones start to get a bit repetitive :sleep:

Thomas Wiesel

Aug 2, 2012
With the setup from @David Turnbull I had a better feeling for the car in the practice session.
The start was ok, but I lost positions on exit turn 1. In the first laps I already had some problems with my wheel. I came closer to @Valerio Vinassa but I was a bit late on the brakes and so I touched him and we spun. After that my calibration was completely gone and the wheel was wobbeling around. Even resetting it during a pit stop didn't work. The FFB was going on and off and I had no chance to keep the car on the road, so I had to retire.:thumbsdown:
Reinstalling of various Fanatec drivers didn't work. So in the last days I changed from an updated Win10 (from Win7) to a clean fresh install of Win10. I hope that solved it... :)
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