Valerio Vinassa

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Dec 24, 2009
only nice thing is mine PB after this horrible and poor race.
Lap1 incident in T4 a bit of damage but car was drivable the worst thing loss of train.
Lap2 half lap with only 3td gear I was to leave the race then I realized manual shifter was on 3td:mad: I use paddles maybe I touched the shift lever in Lap1 for avoid the incident.
Lap4 or 5 I was behind Mark Breslin in T13 after Becketts and spin so again lost time.
A long pit for reapair damage 17sec instead 7/8sec.
Another thing was mine max speed 259Km/h instead usually 270Km/h:O_o:. here I dont understand why.

Congratulations to all finisher and see you at next race;)

David Turnbull

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Sep 17, 2009
Qualifying - 3rd :)

Happy with that, set a pretty good lap on the first attempt, was on for better on my last but made a mistake in the last turn and lost it all, still 3rd was good for me here.

Race - 2nd :)

Started well and was up into 2nd pressuring Sean for a number of laps, made a mistake when putting DRS on too early to attempt a pass, managed to catch back up and pressure Sean again, this went on for nearly the whole race until again I made a mistake and spun allowing Dino to pass, with Sean running out of fuel I'd lost the chance of a win.

Passing Sean on track proved to be very hard even with DRS but I felt my pace was enough to win this one but a reccuring theme is that I make a mistake and make life hard for myself, maybe next time :O_o:

Grats Dino and all finishers, was a great race, See you all at Hockenheim for our last race of season 14, and I hope you agree its been a pretty good introductory season into rf2, now all we need is more members :)

Dino Paolini

Jan 3, 2011
Q: Quite happy with the time itself. I didn't really know how much more the higher rubber would allow on pace.
My only problem was the middle-sector, in which I wasn't fast in to begin with, but also never really hit a good line out of Becketts in the qualy. Instead I went full risk into the last sector to make up for it :p p2 on the grid with very close gaps in general

R: Start was difficult. Practice starts showed already that from the inside line, I had the options between risking a collision with the outside guy if beeing 2 wide, or having to have an epic start to avoid that.
Unfortunatly the start wasn't good enough to be in front and I should have just made sure to somehow make it to the ideal-line, but instead I lost 2 places.

First 20 minutes or so was every Silverstone race I had in rf2 so far, which is beeing behind someone trying to find a way to pass somehow only to realise that without a major mistake, there will never be enough of an overrun to do that :)
But the good thing about having the past experience of that was, that I did not try unneccesary stuff and could hold Ayrtom behind me whilst at the same time safe some tires and fuel :D

Peter was starting to have some slidy moments there after a while and had to let me pass after one of those for p3.

Rest of the race I could go full speed and especially the second stint went very well, certainly the best I felt going at Silverstone so far ever.

I was perfectly happy with p3 to be honest, but David had an off-moment somewhere and later on Sean ran out of fuel. I was determined to not try anything with any sort of risk with Sean but instead only but up pressure to the end. I am sure he would have won this one ;(

Still my best race at Silverstone so far and my first league race win on this track ever, even though it was an inherited one.

Special mention goes @Mark Breslin for the picture perfect lapping manouver. I felt I had to mention this since we had some problems with that earlier on in the season ;)

And lastly, I am happy to win my first Presto GP title here :) I was determined to do that this season since I had an advantage in knowing the sim and the cars already so well and it worked out ! :)

April Dillon

Dec 11, 2009
Q 9th, R 6th

Had a great battle for this position with @MOOOOOOOOOSCHT. I'd opted for a 2 stop strategy, while he appeared to be on a 1 stop. So when his tires got worn, I could smell blood, and just had to keep the pressure on the whole way. A mix of overtaking being difficult and very good defense meant this took a long time. But every little slip, every little hesitation putting the power down, and I knew the best thing I could do was keep the pressure on. Was great fun.

Oh and, also... If I'm not mistaken, I think this is my first time ever finishing on the lead lap in Presto. That's a pretty good feeling. :D

As for the brakes, I said I'd share what I found. I ran the race with a 54% bias the whole way, 100kgf force and 60% brake duct. Here's what my brake thicknesses appear to be.

It looks like I could have closed up the ducts a lot. But it's worth remembering that brake performance deteriorates when they're too hot. So although they may survive, it may still be slow to close up the ducts too much.

If you want to try this too, and you use Motec i2 Pro, get this file and under maths, import it. This will only work with the FR3.5 2014 car, and you will need to adjust the 'Brake duct' setting in there. 0 = open, 2 = 20% closed, 5 = 50% closed, 10 = 100% closed, etc. And then look at the average of each estimate over an entire lap. It fluctuates a lot, but over time it averages out to believable numbers.

I think the brakes fail at 16.7mm thickness, but I've not confirmed this.

And just as a fun extra, this estimate from my Montreal race.

Oct 20, 2010
Q: 6th with a time lap around my PB, but far from top drivers.

R: 5th

But I spent the majority of the race in 6th which was my real place on that track.A cool race but boring, like often in Silverstone.I was secure not to be overtaken by @April Dillon but secure not to overtake @Peter Decker too :laugh:

After my pit stop, I just spun in Becketts with an hazardous downshift and a bad racing line, April went through...but pit just after, cool for me, too cool maybe...where's the action !!??

With many lockups tire deg' was high, front-left had quickly turned into red.Definitely, I have a bad feeling on ISI's track in terms of tire management, braking consistency, setup the car....everything.

@Dino Paolini 's setup was useful for me, when I tried it I noticed a better braking feeling, especially when I make fast downshifting, it wil be an inspiration for the last race !

Finally with @Sean Greenlaw 's fuel issue, I'm on the way to challenge him (and also Peter) for the 4th place (very tight between us), the suspense is here ! Bravo to Dino for your title, never under the 2nd place helps a lot !
Sep 9, 2012
This was for me by far the most exciting race in this season :)
No matter of my result :D
Unlike the races before i was 80% of the race in a battle and this the most time with April D. :thumbsup:
This was great, fighting wheel by wheel so many laps :thumbsup:
No matter i loosed the battle :D

Grats to podium and thx to the organizing team :thumbsup:

Cyas in Hockenheim :)

Martin F.

Peter Decker

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Aug 28, 2008
First and foremost - Congratulations @Dino Paolini to the PrestoGP Season 14 Win!

This Silverstone race was one of the best rF2 races this far - not because the best position but the stable pace without any ballerina moves :)

Last two weeks I had been digging my head way too much into a newly found indie-game, , don't go into that folks if you're into management simulations! :geek: So, for this race I had only practiced one or two hours Monday and Tuesday, had really lack of sleep on race evening and had to sleep a couple of hours. The backup server took me 20-30 mins of the last hour before Q. Not the most ideal situation :roflmao:

Q: 4th :)
I think I put in less than 10 laps during P, heh. Anyway, the pace felt good at the first two timed laps with aim for good margins. On absolutely last lap in P4, I had around -0.40 before last sector's Stowe where some was lost and then overshot Vale. I felt I've upped my game :)

R: 3rd :):O_o::unsure:
First of all, that 3rd didn't feel fair - @Sean Greenlaw's fuel and @Artyom Aslamazyan's two larger spins made it possible.
In start on the dirtier inner side behind Dino I felt a big grip difference for the first time in any race! Me and Dino struggled on the inner line - Dino the most - so I could squeeze by in T3. That was crucial. I kept P3 until lap 10 (!) :) In my mirrors, Dino looked like into more control than me. In replay it is interesting to see the difference - I must have massively degraded my tires with much more aggressive racing lines and throttling. It is inspirational to see your tactics at play Dino. So, after I had lit up my front left enough many times, I started to get understeer and Dino passed easily. Now Arty came close. Here I was probably helped by overtaking Dino in the start - Dino being slower by having to defend when Arty was behind who probably had less grip left due to the less downforce behind Dino. :sneaky: He was fast though! So after a small clash on Wellington straight some lap after, he went past tightly. A cushion back to @Nicolas Delamare was always gradually growing but was not too big. Was he planning 0-stop?! I was doing my max anyway and had my front left dropping towards 0% by half-time if I didn't cool down. With second to none race-fuel practice I had to experiment with tyre wear but got it working pretty good.
At lap 16, Arty surprisingly spun in T4 so I got some 5-10 s down to him. I struggled for grips now and tried to work out the best time for pit, thinking that I shouldn't make it early since a under-cut-attempt from Arty could be handled.
Arty pitted on lap 16. Me on 17. Before, he had around 7s and now only 3! We were up for a 30 min loooong fight I thought. Glad I had went seriously geeky and put on the sweat-dissipating racing gear! :geek:
I found it really hard to adapt to the new grip. It took Arty 3-4 laps to almost get DRS! By then I felt more sure tho and the gap started to grow :coffee: So with ~3s back it felt under control actually. Aaand then he was back again in my mirrors, that blue alien. Last 3-4 laps within DRS. Heart was not beating that fast actually, but my chair was soaked!
Lap 35 and I miscalculated and though it was the last - maybe so did Arty who spin right behind in the exit of Beckett's. A relief, and boy it was close I crashed myself lol.

Even without much wheel-to-wheel racing, this was the perfect race to end my season - I've probably never kept focus for so many laps before - thanks for that Arty! Maybe it's a good thing to not have thought everything through before races, and have a nap on race evening instead of wear the mind out during pre-race-preparation ;)

Thanks all for this, the first PrestoGP rF2 season! I will miss the last one due to the one and only vacation week of this year. Thanks for everyone's perseverance when we have struggled. I think we have got some real good quality racing here and that we have managed the challenge of maintaining the Presto-spirit considered the many new members in our family! Now lets aim for bigger numbers after the summer :)

And of course, Big cheers for @David Turnbull's commitment!
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Sean Greenlaw

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Feb 3, 2009
Q:1st Was really close q has been quite exciting this season.

R: dnf Doh! More practise and working out my own fuel would have helped lol

Pole ended up quite important as the tight t1 isn't usually good for p2, and getting a ok start I knew id be ok and early on race went well I was able to keep small gap to David and we seemed to be pulling away from Peter and Dino.
Silverstone is quite easy to keep ahead so even when David would get closer it was still quite comfortable and when he made small mistakes a bit of a breather lol.

I think I tired towards end of race as well after the race it was slight sore to lift my arms to face level like I had been at the gym :laugh:.
I was just looking for the end of the race with Dino now slowly closing gap and I looked to what I thought was last lap like yippi I can do it lol over line I glanced seen it was like just a few secs to go :O_o: no another lap :roflmao: looked at fuel and was 0.3 a lap left :( Dino you must have been like wtf this guy doing through t1 t2 etc that was when I was in a slight daze before realising not even Vale can help me now lol

Grats to Dino for title well deserved :thumbsup: Grats David and Peter and all finishers :thumbsup:

Cyas in Hockenheim :)