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Valerio Vinassa

PrestoGP Veteran
Dec 24, 2009
Q 10th
R 9th

a lot of fun in this race battles and chases.
In Lap 1 after Nicolai's spin:) April go away Bob M, Bob L and me remain close in battle until Bob L lost car at T9-Juncao now me and Bob M running near for chase April but only when she was in pit i passed., pit also for me now I met Vincenzo that recovered the car ,maybe AAARRRGGG I LOST THE CAR Vince?:roflmao:
many lap together with some mine feeble attempt for an overtake, after mine last regular pit no change in the positions Bob M is always on mine tail:). Another big fun story are last 9mins. is fun guys. I did 2laps on slicks then i decided to pit but i fault the pit entry, wrong tyres car slip a bit, so another lap on wet with slicks, leave the pit Bob M is always back me with attempts to overtake until the checkered flag;)

Congratulations David Reik Sean and all us:thumbsup:

David Turnbull

PrestoGP Veteran
Sep 17, 2009
qualifying - 1st :)

didn't know what to expect when i hit the track but managed a decent lap on the first attempt, made a big error on second lap so aborted, happy to be pole again, keeps up a run ive had going since the last race of last season, thats 6 in a row :D

race - 1st :)

started very well, kept the lead and managed to pull enough of a gap i didnt have to worry about slipstream, around the 3rd lap i started noticing my brakes squealing, i dont think it was enough to affect me in the dry but later in the wet i could feel it cause alot of extra understeer, when i went for my first stop reik was 6 seconds behind, after the stops he was 1.8 :speechless: i managed to pull the gap up again to around 5 seconds before the 2nd pits, after this the gap stayed roughly the same until the rain came, i pitted 1 lap earlier than reik and came out 4.5 seconds ahead after he had done his pit for wet tyres, this last part i was lucky to stay ahead, for whatever reason the wet tyres just werent heating up and i danced around hoping my lead was enough, into the last lap i was sure it wasnt and reik would pass me but i managed to hold on till the end with reik breathing right down my neck, one more lap and this wouldve been reiks race so im very pleased to win it.

again like qualifying this is my 6th win in a row counting last race season 12, ive never managed anything close to this but im hopeing to keep the run going at abu :) grats to reik for 2nd and keeping the pressure on right till the last second, grats to sean for 3rd and to everyone else.

cya at abu :)
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Peter Decker

PrestoGP Veteran
Aug 28, 2008
Ok, should have studied late into the Friday night, obviously didn't happen.

Q 7th
Went for a 2-lapper, first lap was over-cautious and second was compromised by spray of car in front (first part of vid). In video the spray was much shorter than I remember it was. Got also pretty disturbed of just the fact that I got disturbed, not a good circle. :thumbsdown:

R 5th
Very satisfied fifth! Small errors occurred a lot and a sleepy head had a hard time to focus, hence some really clumsy moves :O_o: I should have practiced more to have got a more stable racing-line. And not study so hard.
After some fun and intense moments during first laps it settled down to being me and Jim in a one-to-one. I had 3-4 clicks higher rear wing hoping for rain. The straights were not so fun, the understeer made corners not that fun either, worst were corner exits where the car started to play snowplough! At some point I just pushed Jim forward on s/f straight - it felt like no point to go beside and lose speed that early at the straight. The pit stops were thrilling! Esp. 2nd haha. Good one there Jim :thumbsup:
I think last pit stop was timed pretty perfectly. Maybe that was the winning move.

All in all a fun race with some frustrations to remember and learn from. The weather report made it all a fun gamble on car set-ups too :thumbsup:

This (quali-) and race-report video's theme is of a general knowledge one - Swedish Classics with the king himself Evert Taube. Enjoy! (It's a bit of a length record here inspired by the slow-paced music - just more time to lean back, travel to the Swedish past and think of Sweden's amazing archipelagos :rolleyes:)

(currently processing, wait a bit if not playable)

Grats and thanks to everyone! See you in Abuuu!

Reik Major

Nov 12, 2008
Big grats to David and Sean for completing podium. :thumbsup:

Qualy (2nd):

Saw the big rain and decided to fill up for 3 timed laps. First one was carefull and my best one. Second one I made small mistake and 3rd one big one. But satisfied with P2 "only" 0.3 away from David, he, he. :)

Race (2nd):

Had a bit too much wheel spin from the line, so Tim stole me P2. I chased him as close as I could, feeling I was a bit faster. However Tims pace was very close to the top today. :thumbsup: In the end of lap 1 (or 2?) I had agood slip stream and overtook Tim into T1. I guess without any lag on Tims side we would've gone side-by-side through the corners, because his position wasn't too bad to defend outside. Thx mate for playing it very safe. :thumbsup:

Now I could open a small gap and stay within 4 or 5 seconds to David. When pitting I slightly closed the gap to David but he opened it up again to ~ 6 seconds.

The gap was the same when our second stops were done. Then the rain came. A bit too late for me, because I chose a softer rear for being safe in the wet. This made the car feeling lazy in dry conditions. I like the tail more pushing. ;)

The rain increased and David went in. I stayed out in the hope it wouldn't rain too much and I could bring it home on softs. But it rained too much so I had to come in one lap later. A shame I did this gamble, because in the wets I was faster than David. The 7 seconds gap was closed with in the few last laps. End of lap 47 I was at his tail, thinking I could win but crossing the line the time was over. Arghhhh ( I had calculated with 48 laps).

Nevertheless I'm very happy with a good P2 and the race was very intense again. So it was big fun as always.

See you next round! :)

Sean Greenlaw

PrestoGP Veteran
Feb 3, 2009
Q: 4th, Messed up my 2nd lap last turn was up .9 ish.

R: 3rd

Race was quite difficult choice and thinking of rain I used 24/27 wing it proved to make passing quite difficult when was close to Tim but we almost managed a lap side by side so was worth it.
In general I don't think the extra wing even helped with wet pace anyway.
A long race waiting for rain and after few small mistakes through race staying out was worth the gamble, after a lap however it was clearly to wet and came in for wets with help from David. In the end finishing around same order anyway.

Good race and enjoyable pressure the weather brings :thumbsup:

Grats to David for another win and really should easily win rest now to :whistling: and grats Reik for well deserved 2nd. Well done to everyone who finished a tough interlagos!

Cyas in Abu Dhabi :thumbsup:
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