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    Hi to you all!
    First of all, let me short introduce myself. I’m close to age 40 and never played F1 201x games, first of all because its almost impossible to buy a price worthy simulator cockpit, which makes this “playing” realistic. The second reason is simple: time. Years before I used to do jet-skiing for more than a decade, and go-kart, which I do even today, if I’ve the time for it. On the other hand there is not even one acceptable manager game, for oldies, like me. :thumbsdown:

    So I thought, maybe… :thumbsup: we could bind the pleasantness with the utility…

    I’m searching for a racing driver, who is experienced in any of the games F1 2010-2012 and open to race a career season (F1 2012 modded to 2014, 100% race length, on expert/legend) for me and for herself/himself (female entrants welcomed!). All races must be uploaded on youtube, so I and everybody else can watch them and have fun. Negotiations: feel it necessary to do it.
    Coop: possible, depends on the details.

    If anybody is interested, contact me.

    P.S.: for better understanding: I started to watch F1 in 1984 as a child, but since few years I'm absolutely done with the current F1. And I saw a guy on youtube playing full lenght races with F1 2010-2012 and that was far more amezing to watch than real F1. That's why my request/offer above.
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