Save 25% and get a $25 bonus promo codes

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Joe Hubbard, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. Joe Hubbard

    Joe Hubbard

    September 28,2011 - Save 25%, Get $25 Credits

    Save 25% and get a $25 bonus! Add 1-year to your membership for only $75 and you save 25%, plus we’ll give you $25 bonus credits to spend on anything you want. Hurry, as this offer is only good until October 7th.

    Don’t worry if your membership is not yet due for renewal, if you take advantage of this offer the additional year will be added to your current membership so you won’t miss anything.

    Use promo code: PR-1FOR75-0911 when renewing to qualify for the savings and bonus credits.

    Bonus credits will be emailed on October 14th. Limit one renewal bonus per member. Offer expires 10/7/2011.

    1. Click the Renew Subscription button.
    2. Choose 1-year from the Subscription Choices drop down.
    3. Then choose payment method and fill out/review the billing and shipping information.
    4. Accept the Terms and Agreements and then click the Next button.
    5. Copy and Paste, or type the promotion code you were given and then click Apply and Confirm.
    6. Review the Description and Price (will have been adjusted to the promotional price) and then click Next and follow along with the rest of the online instructions.
  2. Willie Watt

    Willie Watt

    Thanks Joe

    With some existing credits and $:£ exchange rate it's a bargain time for us UK drivers to renew.
  3. George Pilkington

    George Pilkington

    yes, I extended for a year too. So you got me bugging you on here for another 2 years... ; )
  4. Dazmaniac


    Too good to miss, what with the discount and the credit on offer, plus like Willie said, the $ > £ exchange rate is good at present, so to get an extra year on the subscription makes sense.

    Has me hanging around until at least Jan 2015, lol.