Safety car

I believe they aren't having a Safety Car for the game due to the fact that driving slowly at that stage won't be intresting. I believe this, I am sure I read it somewhere. Don't believe it 100% though!

Bram Hengeveld

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Think its very annoying in an online race, but would love to have a safety car for offline play

Omer Said

It's informed officially (sorry i can't find a link right now :redface: ) that Safety car will be used at F1 2011. F1 2010 won't have this feature %100.

I also agree with Offline and Online difference. In a public server, all laps can only be run with Safety Car :D:D
I'd rather not have a safety car than wait another couple of months for them to put it in IMO. But if the AI is good and wont just crash on 1st corner or do any other stupid crashed then it will be a great addition for 2011 in races over 20%/30% race distance IMO.
Sorry, should clarify. What I mean is about half the field all taking one line and just plowing into each other but Im sure the AI will be pretty smart and not do that anyway :)

David Wright

I think its useful to remember this is Codies first F1 game (they didn't actually develop the F1 2009 title). Its not unusual for first attempts to not include a safety car - I don't remember a safety car in GP2 for example and have iRacing added a safety car yet?

Safety cars do of course influence the outcome of a race, but having driven behind a safety car in GTR2, it is incredibly boring. And GTR2s implementation was pretty simplistic - I could overtake with nothing more than a verbal warning. I'm not sure if people expect the detail of safety car lines on the track (Hamilton at Valencia) or 10 car length rules (Vettel at Hungaroring) but coding a safety car won't be easy.
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