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Skins S397 GT3 McLaren 720S (4 skins). 1.1

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Highlandwalker submitted a new resource:

S397 GT3 McLaren 720S (4 skins). - S397 GT3 McLaren 720S (4 skins).

These are all my GT3 McLaren 720S skins updated to the new UI with icons. The rar file has two folders one with one a single mas file for all skins and folder with a mas file for each skin so you can just install the one's you like. Do not install both. If you already have any installed as virtual skins, uninstall before installing these mas files. Enjoy.
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I put the mas file in the correctly folder (installed/ veichles/ mclaren 720s / 1.65)but I can't see the skins in the game. I installed only one file, not both files so I did it correctly I think
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Everything checks out OK my end. Are you using the new UI, I've stopped using the old one so not sure if it works in the old one. This is the name of the file (MacLaren 720S Highlandwalker.mas) you should install into Steam\steamapps\common\rFactor 2\Installed\Vehicles\McLaren_720S_GT3_2018\1.65 MacLaren 720S Highlandwalker.mas (Hope this is of help.)
Thank you for the fine liveries. I also use the new interface and I hope other painters use the newer mas file method for distributing liveries. It makes the install process so much easier and it's great to see the liveries appear as icons in the selection menu. Well done!
Yeah, I like the method, but it's time consuming producing the icons and checking very thing works OK. Thanks for the review.