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RSS GTM Bayro 6 | Walkenhorst Motorsport #102 | 2021 Nurburgring 24 Hours

Skins RSS GTM Bayro 6 | Walkenhorst Motorsport #102 | 2021 Nurburgring 24 Hours V2.0

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ZL1 submitted a new resource:

RSS GTM Bayro 6 | Walkenhorst Motorsport #35 | 2021 VLN / NLS | 2K + 4K - Alpecin BMW!

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Presenting the #35 Walkenhorst Motorsport at the 2021 NLS

The livery is created specifically for Race Sim Studio's RSS GTM Bayro 6, therefore there will be some differences to the real life counterpart.

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2K performance version is available in the skin directory

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If you...

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It's a bit funny that you are offering an option "2k performance version" of the main texture when your reflection map alone has the weight of a dozen 2K textures. A suggestion: make a DXT compressed version. Keep the main texture at 4K but compress it with DXT5. Reflection map can be compressed DXT1 since it has no need for alpha info and it can be scaled to 1K or 2K with no meaningful loss of quality since it's AO only.

Here's a comparison. One of these is 187 Mb as you uploaded it, the other is 30 Mb after some DXT compression and scaling. Main texture is still 4K. Not exactly an enormous loss of quality considering the decrease in size and performance impact, is it?
__custom_showroom_1619323222.jpg __custom_showroom_1619323211.jpg
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