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RSS DIrector. Pro Sound Designer.
May 17, 2010
NeverKrash submitted a new resource:

RSS GT-N Pack Livery Templates - Livery Templates for the GT-N Pack

Race Sim Studio GT-N Pack car livery templates.

The RSS GT-N Pack consists of two cars racing in a lower category to our RSS GT pack of cars.

The templates provided are to enable you to create liveries for the Ferruccio 36 V8 and the Darche 96 F6 vehicles.

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Mar 24, 2015
Mhh, I only asked you Mr Neverkrash what to do with the second psd file, the car-shape is also on it? Now there are 2 different psd files with the car to skin. Your answer wasn‘t much polite in my started privat conversation . Check. Xela1 skins and stuff and you could understand my question.