RSRBR2011 - How to play On-Line & How to set up a Rally On-Line

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Warren Dawes

How to set up a Rally On-Line in RSRBR2011

This may be useful for those wanting to set their own Rally on the RSRBR Server. It can be useful to test a new Rally, or to set a Rally for your friends to join you, or maybe you want to test a new game installation. Obviously, you must be a registered member of RSRBRLive 2011.

Firstly, open RSCenter and go to Public Sessions.

Click Public Sessions (see Pic 1 ) This opens the RSRBRLive website. Make sure you are logged in.

Look for the Public Sessions click point, on the middle left hand side of the page. (See pic 2.)
Click this and you are taken to the Server Setup screen. (See Pic 3)

Select all the needed Rally data for your Rally. You can choose to use a password if needed. Most are self explanatory but the Time selection is the trickiest. This is the Start time for your Rally, but it must be converted to the RSRBRLive Server time (usually GMT plus 1 hour).

Once you are satisfied that everything has been correctly entered, tick "Confirm Creation" (down the bottom) and then click "ENJOY".

That is it. Good luck with your On-Line Rally.


Warren Dawes

Tutorial - Playing RSRBR2011 On-Line

I had promised to try to write a basic tutorial to make it clearer for people having difficulty using RSRBR for On-Line Rally Events. This should be read in addition to the other sticky threads here at Racedepartment which cover the Installation and Use of RSRBR2011.
I hope this makes things clearer, but if anyone still has questions, please let me know.

Playing On-Line with RSRBR2011

1. Start RSCenter and click on Public Sessions.
2. Click Start On-Line Session.

3. Select the Rally, and enter the Password (if required). Click Enter. (Note: The Rally will only appear in the available list at the time the Rally was set to start).

4. You have 15 mins before the Rally will be available to run, you can do step 3 anytime within that 15 min period. The active Rally Screen appears, and you will see the countdown clock counting down.

5. Select your car from the list. The tyres should be automatically selected for you (depending on your selection under Settings), but you can manually change them here if you want. It is highly recommended to double check tyre selection, RSRBR has been known to occasionally give you the wrong tyres.

6. When the countdown clock reaches zero, the "Go" button becomes available. You have 60 seconds to hit the "Go" button to start the Stage. If you miss it, then you will default this stage and receive the retirement time penalty for that stage, but can join the next stage.

7. RBR is then launched, but you MUST select Mulligatawny as the profile name. Hit enter. You can then choose to change the car setup (Tune Car) if desired, and then Start the Rally.

8. Drive the Stage as normal.

9. When the Stage has been completed, hit Continue, you can save the replay if wanted, then return to the main RSRBR Screen ( Back, or hit Esc)
The Results for that Stage are now shown, including the times by any other drivers.

10. Note: On the top right hand side of the results area (bottom section) are 4 small icons (hover your mouse over them to read their names). You may need to click "refresh" a few times if other drivers haven't yet finished their stage. Their final times will be displayed when they finish.

11. The countdown clock will be counting down to the next Stage. You can start the next Stage anytime before the clock reaches zero.

12. Click "Go" to go to the next Stage. Run the Stage as above.

13. After each Rally Stage, you will return to the main RSRBR screen, which will now include results for each stage completed. Note: If you click the small Icon (looks like a little magnifying glass) the one on the left of the 4 icons, you can see the total rally times for all drivers up to that stage.

14. Clicking this icon at the end of the Rally will give the final times for all drivers for the Rally.

15. When the Rally has been completed, you can save your times for all stages by selecting File\Save Times. Your results will be saved as a HTML file under Richard Burns Rally \ MyTimes.

16. To leave, select File \ Index or File \ Exit.

Warren Dawes

Please note: RSRBR2011 has been replaced by RSRBR2012.
I may update this tutorial later, but the steps are basically the same, some of the graphics will be different.
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