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  1. Jean Marie Zmiro

    Jean Marie Zmiro

    Hello Simracers :)

    I just start a new thread about the new UK website we provide at !

    First of all, we are glad to open a official shop on the UK market, we will be in direct contact with you, the customers for our brand products.

    You will find on our UK Shop, all the product, from the all known RS EVO V3 to the new RS Formula.

    You'll also have the possibilities to join us, on multiples ways :
    On our Facebook Fan Page
    or here on our Official Twitter account
    Or for information you can mail us at

    So about the shop and the website, follow this link and you will see this :)


    We are aware that the UK customer take care about the currency, and you have the possibility to switch between € and £ on the top right of the page :)


    I hope you will FIND what you want on the shop, and we are waiting for you if you have questions :)
    Feel free to ask

    Thanks to all for reading this,


    Jean Marie Zmiro

    rSeat UK Exclusive Distributor

    PS : German Simracers, go on
    PS2 : French Simracers, allez sur
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