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Round and round in circles

Tim Ling

It's a million-to-1 chance, but it just might work
Aug 28, 2008
Do you find that the tracks you think you'll like, you actually end up disliking, and tracks you're sure you'll hate you come to love.

That's what happened to me this week while preparing for the WTCC extreme race. Brno was recommended to me by someone as a fun track to race, which it maybe is, but I find it...I dunno, bare and boring, though it's not as bad as Curitiba.

Pau on the other hand I spent lots of time pressing "escape" to get back to the garage after another bonnet was buried in the wall, and I was grinding my teeth in frustration. I think someone wanted to copy Monaco, then decided that actually, Monaco wasn't tough enough. A fair few laps later though, and I love it. It's level of "challenge" must appeal to the masochist in me.

So how about you madmen?

Ryan Callan

Sep 30, 2008
Pau was founded before Monaco :p.

I thought I'd hate Tsukuba on Forza, and yeh I hated it. I thought I'd love Silverstone, but I find it boring. I agree, Curitiba is a terrible track lol. I thought I'd love Laguna Seca but I hate it - never done well there.


More or less, it happens. :)

I don't like many of the 'classic' race tracks that F1 race on. I used to love ONLY rally racing and the WRC before, but then through "Live for Speed" got an understanding of what's fun about racing the same little stretch of relatively flat tarmac around and around - it's because of the others on there with you.

To get back on topic: several of the WTCC tracks are actually fun. I didn't think Puebla would be any interesting, but I quite like it. Slippery and twisty. A 'mickey mouse' track. Curitiba seemed boring but was fun. Such a 'basic' track somehow. Zandvoort was a huge blast! All the city tracks are quite fun but very difficult. On the other hand, the flat long wide tracks with not quite enough elevation changes and roughness turned out to be much less interesting than I thought. TV, F1 and just the 'status' of tracks will do that to a mind.

Brno is a bore, I agree (Brnoring? :D ) . It's beautiful looking, but somehow.. just too many sweeping corners, wide road etc. I feel like I can fall asleep between the corners. Silverstone is similarly flat and uninspiring.

The Norschleife track from GTR Evo is quite fun, but too long for anyone to really remember how to drive it properly I think. The STCC expansion Swedish/Norway tracks are mostly quite fun. Elevation changes on a few of them, and in general tighter and twistier, while being narrower. Easy to learn, too.

Ryan Callan

Sep 30, 2008
Nordschleife too long? Pffft! Not long enough! I could tell you every corner, plus which gear to take it in, how to approach etc etc. I'm a Nordschleife geek :p

Daniel Monteiro

Staff member
Sep 1, 2008
i don't think curitiba as bad as that! i hate oschlesbergen (pr how do you spell it :D )

it's the same thing to everything in life. at first you might not like it, but then you get used to it and find interesting stuff about it. or else you really can't get along with it, no matter how you try. think of it as if you were interested in someone and started to know him/her, it's the same!


I agree with that - I might well develop a liking for some tracks should I spend more time on them.

Damien Jones

Sep 14, 2008
I only drove Pau for the first time last night (gradually working my way through the list of tracks) and like Tim above I spent the first few minutes extracting my car from the armco over and over again. Once I calmed down a bit though and had the layout in my head I loved it! Those two tight chicanes are brilliant fun when you get them right........the curbs are evil if you get it wrong though.

Jaius Dewing

i didnt care much for Magny Cours or Oschersleben in GTR2, but I love them on EVO... Which is funny, coz they didnt really change much, Oschersleben's 1st turn is all that I can really think of! Maybe its just that the car pyhsics have improved so I enjoy driving the tracks more. Zandvoort, Valencia and Brno ive always liked!

Curitiba and Peubla I find just awful!

The city tracks are interesting, look great but some are probally too tight for me (Pau and Porto in particular), well for online racing anyways, never seem to make it through the first few turns! I dont mind Vera though, Ive had a few close clean races there and Macau just looks fantastic so Ive tried to master that track and am slowly getting there.
Jul 4, 2008
Brno is one track I hated with a passion.
Turns out that now I LOVE it.

There are however few tracks that I just dont like no matter how much I try.


Don't forget that some tracks are more suitable for certain types of cars.

The S2000 regulation touring cars (WTCC/STCC/BTCC etc) are not too well suited to the types of tracks where Formula 1 cars might go. Instead, they feel far more at home at mickey mouse style smaller twistier tracks.

The noticably faster and violent GT1-2-3 cars as well as open wheel racers should be more suited for those wider longer tracks.

Seems to me though that the Caterham CSR cars and the Radicals, especially as they both come in many different engine alternatives, are suited everywhere. Love them! Brilliant of SimBin to include them.

Péter Bártfai

Sep 18, 2008
I like the smaller, twistier, bumpy, tricky tracks like Zandvoort the best.
But I also like Curitiba, I don't think it's such a bad track, I had very good races there!
Brno is a bit too wide, but once you go really fast on it, you forget that.

I also like Monza, all of it's corners are unique somehow:)


I like the smaller, twistier, bumpy, tricky tracks like Zandvoort the best.
I thought I'd like Zandvoort for the same reason. Turns out it's the only track where giving up felt justified. Sad, I know but it really did bother me that much.

Rick Gough

Apr 29, 2008
I've never got on well with Brno, not since GTR. But I did record my first ever league win there, so for one night at least I was in the zone.

I much prefer the tighter, twistier tracks, where you can get into a rhythm. I love Zandvoort, but really hated the DutchDevil version in GTR². Not because there was anything wrong with the track, but I just couldn't seem to learn it. Monza bores me to sleep, though its better in 07/evo because you cant sleep walk through the chicanes. But, despite 100's of laps there, I still often go off at the parabolica because I forgot it was coming up. Macau I have a love hate releationship with. Vara is a much better race track than it initially appears, had some good races there, esp with the Mini's.

But I don't know about you guys, but I find after the Nordshleife they all seem a bit . . . . . . .tame :rolleyes:

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