Round #10, Australia: Post-Race Discussion

Sorry for being so slow guys, at the start I forgot to change ffb settings with the mod update. Spent a while driving like Rosberg in Spa trying to take out the power cord! :D

As a result I had no feeling whatsoever and had to re-adapt. Also, I couldn't get a feel for tyres so had no idea about wear rates till I checked when they had hit the cliff. I knew I was slow anyway so I just drove to the finish.

Apologies if I got in your way! :O

Congrats to Mikko, unlucky Jeroen :(

Really pleased to FINISH this time :)
Bye bye suspension. GRAB_016.JPG
Q1 was very slippery and did pretty bad laps but got through.
Q2 I went all in and made mistake in 3rd to last turn. Was very bummed after seeing the difference to P1. Still felt really slippery O.o

In race I thought that if I won't get Kweekel in first 3 turns, then i'll just leave a gap to look after the tires. Lap 4 or 5 I had crazy moment where I was changing some pit settings and pressed wrong button and suddenly I was onboard with Kweekel. Then just in panic I pressed every button probably on keyboard and got back to my car. I think I was a bit too committed to my strategy and Jeroen got huge gap + Sadler defended well when I exited pits. Then Jeroen made a mistake and I got past him. Though this meant that he'll do undercut on me. So I picked SS on lap 22 and then it was crazy all the way until the end. I had wheelspin out of t1 and Kuba got caught up with that unfortunately.

Edit: got to add that great driving from Jeroen. Kuba also great respect.
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Q1: managed to get into Q2 with a solid 24.7
Q2: messed up the lap and started 7th

R: Was too careful at the start, didnt want to crash into Christof (he was supposed to win the race). Lost a position to Mike and was unable to pass James which meant that the top6 were pulling away as I sat behind James for the whole stint (he was on different strategy).
The race was quite uneventful and after my lats pitstop I was our of the pits in 9th place and again behind James train. Well one video can tell more than thousand words so ill just put it up.
Basically Georg and James crashed and I took a gamble and stuck my car inside the corner, Campus has mirrors and he let me through.

Finished 5th (best result for me in 3 years) and for the last 10 laps was closing the gap to the leaders by a lot. Anyway if I didnt have that bad 1st stint then 4th place would be realistic.'

Q1: was more slippery than I expected so lap time wasn't anything amazing but that was same for everyone and I'm happy I got through to Q2
Q2: Still didn't feel very confident with the grip there was but did only few minor mistakes on my lap and looks like others did major mistakes on their laps so for the big surprise I got p3

Start wasn't very good but managed to hold my position. Sorry Adrian about the t2, got a bit wide exit from t1 and couldn't go on power very early so went very slowly through the turns 1 and 2. At turn 3 and 4 had great side by side action with Schgör, after that was just concentrating on my tyres and corner exits to hold my position as I knew overtaking would be very difficult here. Managed to do that quite a long time but eventually Schgör made the move and I dropped down to p4.

I made my first pit stop on lap 9 and took another set of options. Came back to a bit bad gap in 12th place after the stop and was stuck behind ppl who hadn't stopped yet and had pretty worn tyres. On lap 16 I was behind Sadler who had very worn tyres and when coming to penultimate corner didn't realize how early he would brake and sadly hit him but luckily didn't get any major damage there and we were both able to continue.

Made my 2nd pitstop on lap 19 or 20 and I was still battling for p6/7 I think but I came back to a bad gap again and couldn't defense my position with the cold tyres. The whole last stint was quite a struggle and I finished p9 just in front of Filosa who would have overtaken me if there was one more lap.
Kuba Brzeziński:
So I had a BoG, because I forgot to allocate... Well, at least I was sure that was going to be an interesting race.

I started on softs, but I had a great first lap and jumped straight to 15th place. Then I was able to pick position after position and I got to the front of Sadler's train by the first stops, but I couldn't overtake him quickly enough. I was on softs so I couldn't pit to early and a couple of people undercut me so I exited the pits in P8, but I was able to quickly make my way through those guys with James still blocking them up front. I had the pace to catch up a little bit to the leaders and I was able to catch Christof despite having older tyres so when I pitted for the 2nd time I leapfroged him. Jeroen was strugling on older tyres and he was holding Mikko up, so I caught up to them and it was just a question of picking the right moment to pass. It was really hard with Mikko also having DRS. I could have passed him earlier exactly the same way as I did later, but I extended the track just a little bit so I decided not to risk getting a penalty and backed off. Then they run wide in T3 again and I was able to get P2 cleanly. Unfortunatelly Jeroen made a mistake in second-to-last turn and I didn't want to risk driving round the outside of the last turn on all those marbles so I got passed by Mikko again. Then I had a great exit from T1 and unfortunatelly Mikko had a little moment. There was no way to avoid touching him. I still don't know how I spun myself not him. Anyway I'm kind of glad it happened, because I had a CL the very same lap, so at least I'm not angry that I lost a potencial race win.

That was a really good race. I had a lot of good, hard fights, but everybody played fair. I had a lot of fun battling with you guys, especially Jeroen, Mikko and Christof.
This was for sure one of the greatest races i experienced in battling. Lol. A shame i completely messed my Q2 lap up this time, but it was just a matter of time that you will mess up something. Than I got a pretty decent start. I thought i might overtake some guys because of my short gear, but they had all great starts, so there was no way for passing. Than Adrian unfortunately made contact with teemu which allowed me to take p4. It was quite frustrating that teemo was a bit slower than the 2 guys in front of him, and even more frustrating that you actually push but you can't overtake him. After he pitted i looked at my tyre wear and when i saw it. I just thought there is no way that i can pit as early as the others because they actually got oversaved. I think i lost 30% in 9 laps so i continued to drive till lap 13. Than there was actually everything normal till race end. I tried to save my tyres the first laps, because i knew it's hard to pass my teammate and i knew i could easy close up. But than they pushed more and more and i started to try it 7 laps before the race end. Unfortunately mikko was much quicker than me and so was kuba. Don't know where they find that kind of pace but yea. In the last lap i was a bit to optimistic. I tried to brake as late as possible but didn't knew that my car would react like that. After a small steering the rear snapped out like it was under rain conditions xD. Glad that i didn't kill someone there :D
@Carlos Hernandez,

On main straight you were making a move to pass me at T1 but it seems that I did not leave enough space which resulted in us touching, a few laps later you had caught me again and this time I made sure we don't by pitting one lap early, sorry mate !

@Dmitry Zaharov,

On main straight I was in DRS pushing for pass and kept left as you defended rightfully to the centre of track, what was not expected is that you moved back left slightly in front of me just before braking zone, I was full on the brakes (20m earlier) as this happened but just not enough space, I touched your rear left wheel and you went flying, it really was not as hard as what the crash portrayed, I had no damage.
I was kinda upset with my qualifying pace knowing I could set low 24 Q2 but went wide at T12 so had to abandon the lap and started 8th, (It wasnt a great lap anyway).

Worked my way to 5th at the start and followed 3rd and 4th easily. I pitted lap 8 to undercut and it worked on both of them very well. That was until the second to last corner I made contact with another car as I tried to pass as they were very very slow and it caused me to spin and I lost 10 seconds about. This meant I was behind more cars and got held up even more losing another 6-8 seconds.

I was only 2 seconds behind Mikko at this point and I believe on a much better strategy but these things happen and will never know. I ended up cruising for the entire last stint knowing I was never going to catch the guys ahead so paced myself about 8 tenths to 1 seconds slower than normal practice pace just to finish the race.

While 4th may have been the best result of a terrible first season, I am still not happy with it so will keep working on consistency in qualifying.
If I will continue like this, next message will be like:"Merry Christmas! This is my Suzuka race report":p:D

Q1: good laps (11:19), I just can't do better than 12th.
Race: avarage start (33:00). I'm side by side with Filosa with very little room, then I have to give up to avoid Falcon; van Loggerenberg overtakes me at T2, I overtake him at T3 for 11th. In the same lap I gain a position from Winter (34:00); I lose it some laps later after a poor exit, with Brezinsky (41:46) that overtakes me with a little contact. When I do my first pit stop I jump Kore for 10 place, "avoiding" Hernandez (48:22). Lap 18 is a bit unlucky for me; I don't like to use this word, but I'm between Kweekel and Partington (from 1:01:21) when we share the same pit slot. I lose 3 places and I rejoin track 13th after Sadler. I gain a place overtaking Valkeejarvi (1:03:50), and then I try to do my best without doing mistakes. Kore overtakes me after Winter-Sadler crash, but little by little I climb the field and I finish 6th, resisting from Ivanov. After the race, the "dark side" of me reveals :sneaky: and I decide to protest Kweekel for cuts; I'm 4th after post race checks.

4th is a very good result considering that I started 12th, I wasn't so fast, and I even shared a pit slot. Thanks to my team :cool: and to FSR staff ;). Congratulations to the winner :cool:;), to the podium :cool:;) and to who is happy about his performance ;).

See you in Suzuka :p.