Roaldo Racing: goodbye & season 2011 (part 1)

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Roald Reurink, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. Roald Reurink

    Roald Reurink

    There have been some questions within the team and elsewhere, will this be the last season of Roaldo Racing? No. The team is aiming to continue with a new management for season 2011. Unsure is if the team will participate in the World Championship, the aim is to do all divisions, however we will need the funds.

    New managers have been approached, if you are interested to be a manager of Roaldo Racing, please leave me a PM. I'm looking for three managers who take over together with Jermaine Venhorst that will be the management, with me as supervisor ;) I will mostly be on the background.

    Why am I on the background? I hope to graduate of the uni in July, then I need to find work. Before that, I need to write my Master Thesis etc, so it is better to focus on what I want.
    This season mostly had its most downs and well, I don't see any point in continueing in the ISR Club/FSR.

    I could say more, but after almost a decade in FSR it surely is enough. Some races ago, I believe after Prevots penalty, I just stopped caring if FSR would ever reach what it is designed for. I know myself what I contributed in all these years. I'm proud of my achievements as Marketing Director this season, getting AutoGP, PartyPoker, Allrace, GTOmegaRacing and onboard. Being President from 2006-2008, still the longest one I believe :)D), was a very nice experience. In the end you can't do anything good in FSR, but you have to put that aside. There is not a lot of respect of what people do, helping the Club/FSR is a very ungrateful job with just a few helping you.

    I want to see where my projects/ideas take me and go my own way. However, I do enjoy having a team, a good bunch of people to talk with. Watching the races and cheer for your driver, your car and your team. That makes it a bit more special, and with the team we have now, it is best to continue and keep the drivers for season 2011. It is fun.

    So not a goodbye for Roaldo Racing, but a goodbye from me. Getting Bruno, Ronny and Rasmus in that AutoGP car is my last task and my priority.

    This finishes part 1, the other parts will be about the drivers and just random stuff :)
    Again if you are interested to be a driver or manager at Roaldo Racing 2011 or you can say Roaldo Racing 2.0 hehe...let me know!

    Ciao for now :) Good luck in the last race!
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