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road width odity



road width odity (solved)

Step 1) Obtained width of the road I am working on, 5 to 5.1m (rounded to 5m)

Step 2) Export to track to rF.
3 cars should be able to fit very tightly on this road using my test car . . . only 2 if your lucky can fit.

Deleted the HAT, deleted the gmt files in the exported folder re-exported with same results.

Tracking down the problem:

Imported track into 3ds max and made a box the size of the car and indeed it is 3 cars wide.

Imported the car into 3ds max and indeed the car is the right dimensions.

So I am stumped . . . anyone know of this issue?

nissan man

Mar 17, 2009
It is 3 cars wide but are those 3 cars exactly side by side wheels touching. in honesty a track width of 14 feet (5 meters) is very narrow for a race track and might support 2 cars side by side at racing speed, but it gets very tight.


Just exported 3 boxes the size of the car on top of the track and drove my car into the nitch I created . . . guess there is room for 3 cars :/

must be a perception thing . . .

Yeah but in real life that is the width of the shallowest part of the track . . .

Its not a track you would pass on anyway you would be more than happy just to keep up with the person in front of you lol

now back to work lol