Road texture help



I've got my track layout mostly done and with my limited BTB knowledge, have just left a single road texture for now. The track im building is a street track and therefore has lots of road markings, not all of which run 'with' the track. The section below, for example, the road marking lines follow the outside portion of the road, where the road splits, but the track cross over that line, to a secondary road (as the walls show) . I've simply gone from 1.0 width to 3.0 width and im not sure how to go about laying textures down for such a scenario, assuming BTB can even do this.

Can someone give me a guide on how i go about doing this road texture?



Jun 6, 2009
If I understand you correctly, you want to add white lines or other road markings? If so, then you can use a wall to make marks on the pavement. Here's Piddy's YouTube video about using walls to make marks