Richard Burns Rally - nVidia Service Crash (GTX 680)

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  1. DjFIL


    Here's my info. Any ideas would be appreciated.

    Richard Burns Rally 1.02 (no mods).
    set to 1080x1920 via the ini. (also tested at 'default resolutions')
    Windows 7 SP1 x64.
    EVGA nVidia GTX 680 2GB... using driver 310.70 (latest 'non-beta' driver).
    All nVidia settings are at default... 3D application (the game) decides all video settings.

    Is normally within the first 5-30 seconds of driving a stage, and rarely can be be a minute or so... always while driving a stage (no issue in menus). I've only found one fix.. running the game in windowed mode (via the ini).

    This is what I find under device manager (in the system section).
    "Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered."

    Haven't seen issues with other games I play.

    I've also installed to an alternate folder (not in c:\program files (x86)\...).
    I've also tried a suggestion from another thread, in Compatibility mode to activate "Disable desktop composition".

    Pretty sure the game was last working before getting my GTX 680 (or it might had been working with an early driver, I can't remember)... but it was for sure 100% working when it was just my Intel HD 4000 on-board (before my GTX 680 was ordered for this build).
  2. DjFIL


    Appears I figured it out. Here's my settings in the nVidia control panel that helped.

    Triple Buffering : On (which matches my in-game setting... was before set to off)
    Vertical Sync: Off (was "use in-game setting", which RBR doesn't list)

    And that appears to have worked for me. I decided to also play with antialiasing (something the game doesn't feature by default)... and following settings works great, and looks great.

    Antialiasing - Mode : Override any application setting
    Antialiasing - Setting : 8x

    Yay, back to RBR!
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  3. Matt555


    Nice....So now just download the RSRBR 2013 edition with full car pack and track packs!!! will be happy..-:)