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RFE Plugin Series 1.0 for rFactor is coming soon!

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by marcobost, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. marcobost


    Due to the decision taken by RaceDepartment to no longer publish information about rFactor (the "old" rFactor) I write here, hoping that it can be useful to several people.

    After two months since the first beta release, we are proud to announce that the “complete” version 1.0 is ready to be released. Next week we shall perform the final test of the Release Candidate.
    The version 1.0 will come also with the components that need to run the dedicated server and with several significant implementations that will “enlarge” the use of RFE Plugin Series compared to the beta version.

    We would thank the hundreds people that actively collaborated testing the plugin into our servers, that developed and are developing tools for a better and friendly use of the plugin, that updated and are updating tracks and mods.

    We are now ready to invite you developer, modeler, track maker to contact us for a technical partnership that will amplify the RFE Plugin Series “effect” into the simworld!

    We know that since few weeks some unauthorized people / leagues are running mods that contain the beta version of the RFETire Model Component. This component is really very impressive, due to its first feature that shows different compounds on every updated mod, but we kindly ask to avoid the use of these mods that are using our component without authorization.

    We want also to alert that on the web is possible to find downloads related to presumed releases of RFE Plugin Series. We strongly advise against the use of these NOT ORIGINAL files and we cannot be responsible for any malfunction or damage of own PCs. We highly recommend to download RFE Plugin Series ONLY from http://symracing.net/rfeseries/forum because no one else is authorized to distribute part or all of RFE Plugin Series.

    Slow Motion, Head of PR, Graphics & Web Site Coordinator, Co-Admin of symracing.net/rfeseries/forum
  2. Raido


    Interesting if we'd first get to know what it's all about... It would help if we got some information about what this RFE is about. Primary information first, guys! Then the rest of the promo.
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