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rFactor won't export video

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by soarer, Aug 15, 2009.

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  1. soarer


    Vista's UAC takes some getting used to. in layman's terms (the only understanding i have) if you turn off UAC it dosn't give you administrative rights, in some areas you are demoted to a user. the administrator becomes the 'trusted user' the OS. When you install vista you'r advised to run your PC on daily baisis as a user not as an administrator. I think the theory behind this being, if there is no aministrator logged on your PC it becomes 'locked down', essentialy stopping the bad guys getting in well actually its stops everyone getting in including you! Does it work? who knows? But this is the way the OS exspects you to operate your PC and there's the rub.
    When you install RF its installed for 'users' on your PC. So because there is no administrator logged on (now you have become a user). Vista has to provide you with a folder that you have access to (in low risk area out side of UAC security). to do this it creates anoter folder C:\Users\'NAME'\Documents\rFactor.The problem here being RF config.ini also goes there along with various other files & folders. As it stands at the moment the game will run. So lets try downloading a mod (afterall one of the main reasons I purchased this game).
    this is where the fun ends and frustration starts. For some reason the modding communitys in their infinate wisdom! insist on using installers and installers expect things to be where they are meant to be, or aleast where me and you think they ought to be.This isn't the fault of the modders they are only try to make things easier. For the majority they do.

    Anyway if you copy the contents of your rfactor folder "C:\Users\'NAME'\Documents\rFactor". and paste to "C:\Program Files (x86)\rFactor". Things are more like they ought to be only the config.ini now consists of incorrect paths to folders you just pasted. This needs to be rectified.

    example of part of your config.ini.with the now amended paths.


    As opposed to Vistas rFactor config.ini


    Important:Your desktop shortcut must be the original, simply right cilck find Run as administator and left click.

    at this point the trusted user asks if its okay for you (the adminisrator) to run your game on your PC.I'm still trying to apply logic for this irksome question shoved in my face dozens upon dozens of times. Sorry for the rant! needed to let off steam. New Personal computer with new OS its been a long week.

    don't try and create your own shortcut where you can permenantly insturct the shortcut to run 'as administator' for convenience, it won't work! When I tried this I had made changes to my game files and thought my error was there. It undone Hours of work trying to get Motec working correctly. I'm happy to say it works fine, version mi2_pro_1.01.0082 to boot.

    Vista still has some nasty tricks up its sleeve eg. editing the DataAcquisitionPlugin.ini. clicking save and exixiting, quite normal one would think afterall your logged on as aministartor, you wasn't promted by the 'trusted user', what's wrong with that. well somthing is because on your return your edit has been ignored! worse still somtimes when you delete files they reappear as a duplicates time and time again.If these were paper documents I,d have half the amozon rainforrest in my recycle bin.

    if this occurs try pasting to desktop editng and paste back. alternatively you can right click notepad 'run as administator'. This could be due to the files path has one or more folders that dose not allow you full admin. rights.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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