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Plugins rFactor SweetFX Graphics [Deleted]

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vadhil submitted a new resource:

SWEET FX by Ceejay - (REPOST) 100% fit for rFactor... Download link directly to original ceejay site!!!

Download originallly from this site!!!!: http://ceejay.dk/

the download is just alternative that i've make fit with rFactor only... PLEASE DOWNLOAD FROM THE ORIGINAL SITE!!!

so this plugin is created by CeeJay :)

_i just reposter

tested with rfactor v1.255 and it's already used by Automobilista officialy!!!

Image preview:...

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vadhil updated rFactor SweetFX Graphics Enhancement with a new update entry:

rFactor SweetFX screenshots preview available!!

For everyone who curious but hesitant to try this graphic enhancement for rFactor, check it out here:

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