rFactor 2: Modding tool: GJED V0.844 NOW AVAILABLE!

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Gijs van Elderen, Sep 25, 2015.

  1. Gijs van Elderen

    Gijs van Elderen

    With the release of rFactor 2 Build 1008, we’ve included the latest version of gJED in the Support\Tools folder. Quite a few bugs and occasional quirks were addressed.

    Point the Shader Path to Core\Shared or integrate it into your usual SDK folder structure.

    Material editor scrollbars now work properly when moving to/from Matlib/Material/Texture panels
    Side-by-Side error reported in event log is now gone
    Mesh ‘No Render’ option now correctly toggles mesh visibility
    Matlib/Material/Texture editor dialogs are now wider to accommodate long shader names
    Added texture reload butons to Material and Texture editors to allow fast reload of modified textures
    Shader list in Material editor now shows proper shader names
    Main window size and location from most recent session are now restored at startup
    ESC key no longer closes app
    Search path list in the Open File dialog is now optimized to only show each path once with cleaner formatting
    Applying matlib/mesh/mapper settings from .gmenv file now set to true by default
    Added omni light toggle button to main toolbar

    Major known issues:
    gJED does not yet support any animation features from FBX
    gJED does not read .gen files yet
    Any colors (including custom colors) set from the color pickers are not saved yet
    Mesh ‘deformable’ toggle still doesnt work properly
    Alpha test meshes are hard to pick for now
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