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Reverse Grid? In F1 how? why? is it realistically possible ? would it even be fun?

So since the Epic Monza GP the talks regarding the Reverse Grid has picked up and while it was an epic race finish with a refreshing race result as opposed to the usual 3 will it really make a difference?

First of Formula 1 in its current format is kinda messed up. I was actually explaining to my dad how F1 Qualifying works and how the Grid is formed. the various strategies depending on the track.

1 you can set your car up for Qualifying to get high up the grid order for the race day start

2 you can set your car up for Race Day so that when your start racing your gonna be more competetive and be able to move up the grid as the race progresses.

3 you also need to take into account the characteristics of the Car, Straight line Speed, High Speed Turns, Mid Speed Turns, Low Speed Turns, the Stability or rather Twitchyness of the car. + you even throw in your racers's Driving style into the mix

4 then compare it with the Track type, Belgium / Malaysia are tracks that allows for good racing while Monaco and Spain are tracks known for having difficulty in passing.

5 weather also plays a part (but then again weather in formula 1 is like a bad joke) we all would love to put the sprinklers on and have a massive carnage.

6 so taking all these factors into considerations you decide if you want to start high up the order or be more racier come Sunday!

at least that's what i take into account
but my dad on the other hand says Hamilton / Mercedes is always in the front and they always win.
well yeah Ferrari really made a mess this year or eles they would have been up the order.
but what about the rest they will always be in the back. the fast cars are in the front the slow cars in the back and this is a race? are they magically supposed to get slow mid race so that they can be passed how is this a race? no doubt he is overtaking the other drivers while they are a whole lap behind.(lapping them)
ummm well yeahh.
(they are slow they made slow cars so its technically their fault thats what i say in my head)
few mins later dad stops watching and simply leaves.
this sport isnt for everyone is what i think.

next race as the Monza Rollercoaster is going on i am commentating and explaining things to my dad as crofty and brundle explain on air, what the hell is acctuly going on!!! plus the back story of Pierre and Carlos and Stroll and KIMI and how legendary the race results are gonna be. then my dad watches me yell at the TV as Carlos closes in the gap and then as the DRS opens up (already explained that to him 3 seasons ago)

now this got me thinking about Reverse Grids Seriously. and even a type of BOP sure it goes against the very core of Formula 1 where the Engineering is at heart to make it go faster and faster while BOP is about Slowing cars down and thats even more controversial. but what i was thinking was

1 At the Start of the Season there is Qualifying Sessions which is a single sessions long but similar to the qualifying we have today wherein the Cars try to set the faster time to form the Grid order.

2 this is followed by a depending on the Track a 5(SPA)-12(Austria) lap long qualifying race.

3 and this finishing order forms the grid to the race days Starting Grid.

4 the main kicker comes in here whatever is the Finishing order of this sunday race. will be the Starting grid for the next Racing Weekends qualifying race but in a reverse order. So Hamilton would start the Qualifying race dead last while Williams would be on pole for this Qualifying Race
This Goes on till the End of the Year.

About Balance Of Performance. nothing like the GT format. but a rather more simplified format

1 teams are given simple Parameters such as MAXIMUM Peak Downforce Levels so for example 1700kgs of PEAK downforce can be excreted on the car! now you can design the car however the hell you want Downforce or aero or Active Aero but you can only run with 1700kgs of Maximum Downforce and sure you can even make the FAN CAR like Gordan Murry did but Maximum 1700kgs only

yes in theory it will be possible that you get a car that runs super low drag and the moment the Turns show up the Fans begin sucking out air and Adjust the Suction by controling the RPM of the Fans and even by using Active aero to alter the Shape of the Fins and outlets to fine contol and maintain the 1700kgs of downforce throughout the turn with a surgeons precision.

another point i foresee is active aero get so serious that air flow will probably be used to help in the turning of a car. heck cars will become like transformers and completely shape change. at this point new regulations will have to be enforced such as the ammount of active aero allowed.
such as the ammount of angle the Fins can open or close.
The ammount of Car body maximum width with Active aero at its max. cars should not expand larger in order to start blocking other cars or trying to expand in order to go running wide but still technically be on track so as not have the speed advantage.

2 we can even do the same thing to Engine performance. whatever is the maximum power output of the Slowest Engine of all the manufactures is lets say the Base mode and then give the rest of the teams an additional power modes such as
1] additional 5 kmph for 20 seconds
2] additional 10 kmph for 10 seconds
3] additional 20 kmph for 5 seconds

this would let the Slowest Engine Manufacture to still be competitive but still have a deficit to the fastest teams. but as the teams begin to converge at a singular Performance levels the additional power mode then get extended to still give the faster engine manufacture a performance advantage.

Good Engineering should never be penalized and being bad should not be forgiven but this is a sport we need to figure out a way to even the playing field a bit. these are my suggestions. would love to hear your thoughts
Reverse grids are dangerous. And will cause a pile up. The only way to make them work is with weight penalties. But i dont think this is good for F1 as they are lighter and so airo sensitive.

Of course what is stopping a driver from driving around in bottom end gears as slow as possible for qualifying so they get the pole position.
When we went to Paul Richard i thought they would use sprinklers, as used in testing road cars in wet. Michael schumacher did a wet tests at Suzuka with Ferrari. As we raced there in monsoon season. I was told this is against safety rules.
Of course what is stopping a driver from driving around in bottom end gears as slow as possible for qualifying so they get the pole position.

Not knowing when reverse grid would be applied or even nor applying reverse grid based on qualifying but championship points.
tl;dr but i think tey make reverse grid we have 1 hour laps cause everybody want to be last in qualy to start first in race lol tey be like driving 1 kph whole lap and we see whos slower so he can start race on pole lol
tey be like leave pits then stop and wait 2 hours then continue drivin at 1 km/h and one lap would take 5 hours then he have pole, others make 4 hours 59 minutes thats second position, and one who make 2 minutes lap will be last lol
Reverse grid would only work with a slow rolling start where the front of the grid stop and the back speed up.

Jan Larsen

Great for racing, terrible for the sport. Manufactures would pull out because its fake and it increases the likelyhood of being involved in crashes. And noone wants to be punished for being fast.

I'm quite sure if it were implemented we would loose Merc and Redbull in an instant.
Will they also be handing out 'Participation trophies' and champagne, so all can go home and live happily ever after that?
This is a classic case of 'I can't 'up' my game, so I'll sit in a corner and whine about those who can'.
The old Force India team proved that with a bit of out-of-the-box thinking, it is possible to compete and get good results.
At the time, they had one of the smallest budgets in the sport.
Can F1 truly ever be made competitive for all? as in everyone has a shot to fight for the top spots? from what ive read here on race department and on reddit it appears

It Appears that many do not want a sort of reverse grid.

Many dont want the faster teams to be held back at all. (we do not stock racing. We do not want good engineering to be punished) both are valid points and i personally agree 100% with it.

Safety reasons. I personally find this hard to belive i mean the 107% rule is still in effect right or am i wrong and slower teams are being allowed to fill the grid up?

Many do not mind the Formula 1-1.5

and then one guy who wanted races like the Paul Richard Grand Prix

and then there are some like me who are really tired of same repeat winner.

See my point is i get that formula 1 is about Crazy Eengineers building the Best Car's in the world, over a year and the best driver's training and pushing their skills to the limit for 3 days for a showcase of pure intense speed. but this is a racing series as well right? there has got to be some way how we can make a somewhat competitive racing series out of it.

Dont get me wrong guys i want cars to get faster, i would love to see Active Suspension back along with traction control but I mainly wanna see Some good Racing between these cars!!! Reel the car ahead slowly and steadily over 4-5 laps then increase the pressure on the guy by making slight attempts either forcing him into a mistake or simply outmaneuver the hell outta them.

Or is that a too crazy unrealistic dream and The core philosophy of F1 being Engineered insanity will always mean you either get it perfectly right and dominate or you get it horribly wrong and become a joke. outspending each other aside, but then again that gets remedied this coming year of sorts

and yes honestly speaking for a good few years now formula 1.5 has been more interesting. much more crazy racing than the leader's up ahead and maybe thats why i say reverse grid. but yeah if we can get rid of Blue flag's maybe that would be sufficient for some time. and lets keep safety reasons aside this is racing not let the one ahead by. they are all racing if your faster and better then go on race your way through dont expect to be let through, you are all racing here!!!

TLDR some ranting
dont want blue flags anymore
If they start adding gimmicks like reverse grids, I will finally stop watching F1.
We already have the gimmick of DRS.

To some degree, I stopped "watching" F1 years ago. For me, F1 has been to boring to sit down and watch flag-to-flag for years. I typically watch the start and monitor the race while I do other things on my computer. If something interesting is happing, I will actually watch the race.

The obviously solution is to have cars on the grid that are more evenly matched. Unfortunately the people responsible for the rules are not smart enough to balance all the factors to make it happen. I would be pleasantly surprised in the salary cap makes a difference.

I don't think of a reverse grid as any more of a gimmick than DRS or required tire changes. These are all efforts to make the entertainment more entertaining.