Replay problems since the Patches

Warren Dawes

Mar 1, 2007
I am not sure if Simbin are fully aware of a new problem with replays since the recent patches.

When you go to run the replay, you get the message "this replay contains cars or tracks not available" or something very similar.
I have seen this reported a few times ar RSC lately, but I have also started experiencing it regularly, and from different servers. It is not related to custom skins, because it has happened regularly in races where only default skins were used. It is not just an issue with one computer either, as I have exchanged a replay from someone else who couldn't get it to work, and it produced the same message on my system as well.

Very frustrating, it never occurred prior to recent patches.
Dec 29, 2006
wel my replay problem is simply that they dont show.. i get an empty space where a list of replay's should be.. :(

Alex Guehennec

I had same Warren with the event Rpm Zandvoort F3000
the replay of first race without problem, but the replay of second race gave to everybody who tryed to see it the same message than you : "this replay contains cars or tracks not available"

Problems fixed with the new update from tonight (?)

Changelist for version
-Fixes for Nvidia 8800 users getting crashes
-Fix client crash on multiplayer session switch
-Fixed loading of replays (showed up as incompatible before) <----------
-Various fixes to sun and lensflare effects
-Fixed listening position in freecam mode
-Fixed mouse pointer in replay / freecam mode
-Fixed start position of freecam
-Fixed generation of AI opponents when using custom skins
-Added automatic clutch options to realism settings
-Fixed LOD for freeflight camera
-Fix for mouse pointer getting stuck in replay browser after exiting replay when mouselook mode enabled
-Fixed various mouse look issues
-Various HUD fixes

Attila Domján

Dec 26, 2006
yes, problem is fixed, more then that you can also enjoy the replays in the new patch which were having the above failure message until now.

Alex Guehennec

cool news, i wanted to see those second race, now possible also