Rear wheel aero discs

Alex Harkett

Hi. Can anyone help?

I want to add the rear wheel aero discs to a few cars in the slightly older super touring mod. Example- the Honda Accord 99/2000 season. I notice this has quite a few different files.

How do I make this work please?
It is possible to get the wheel discs on other cars but you need to move the wheel position in 3dsim but I'm not sure how you do that. I got them to load on the vectra and the wheel was in the door :laugh:
Just have a look at the Supertouring 2000 mod. The Honda already includes the aero discs. It's only a texture, no need for 3D editing ;)
If you want to put this on other cars you need to copy the textures for the wheel lid (, - and put them into the team's folder of choice. Then rename the files by removing the "BBSDiscWheel" and adding the new prefix "wc_team_wheel_style1234". For example the name then should be: or
I did not test this, but that's the way it works on other cars (for example if you want to paint the rims). Just try it and if it doesn't work try to play with the filename. Please note that the new prefix is the material name of the blur animation or rim texture. If it works but it's looking wired the mapping doesn't fit because it's a different rim model.

If you need a more precise instruction please tell me which car or texture you exactly want to edit ;)