Real world steering wheels with Thrustmaster hubs - bang for the buck DIY


Feb 7, 2020
Thought it might be of interest to DIYers out there.

Sim aftermarket wheels are visually excellent and full of features but often the incorrect scale with rigid uncomfortable plastic rims beneath the covering and relatively expensive.

Using real world wheels that are very affordable online and adapting them for functionality to fit your sim wheel hub is a great idea, hard frickin' work, but worth it. And they are the real deal obviously.

This is my current collection if you're looking for some inspiration:


From top left to bottom right -

30cm Vintage Luisi - aluminium and hard rubber
32cm Modified FK-Auto - aluminium and hard rubber
32cm Classic Momo Corse - steel and leather
35cm Classic Momo Race - aluminium and leather
36cm Aftermarket Raid - aluminium and cushioned rubber
38cm Vintage Alfa Romeo - steel and "wood"

I've probably paid the equivalent of about 300 bucks for the lot including hubs so basically the equivalent of one semi-decent aftermarket sim wheel.

Just the paddles need extending on the Momo Race :)

btw - the best simple adapters I've found are from ks-sim2 on eBa.... they are industrially made, heavy and don't break !
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