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Check out the latest happenings on the RDTV Twitch channel.

This week we have plenty of sim racing goodness for you to enjoy on our RDTV Twitch TV channel. Taking a tour of some outstanding community created content, having a look at what to expect as part of upcoming rFactor 2 DLC, the opening round of the brand new RaceDepartment Mini Challenge Series and some pretty awesome live racing with plenty inbetween, we hope you enjoy the upcoming week of broadcasts here at RaceDepartment.com!

Monday 7th January - Ginetta G55 GT3 "Swantail" Assetto Corsa Mod - 20:00 UTC
Ginetta G55 GT3 Swantail.jpg

Tuesday 8th January - Upcoming rF2 DLC - MCR Sports 2000 from AMS - 20:00 UTC
AMS MCR Sports 2000 Test.jpg

Wednesday 9th January - Automobilista Puma DLC - 20:00 UTC
AMS Puma DLC .jpg

Thursday 10th January - KartKraft, Is It Any Good? 20:00 UTC
KartKraft Testing.jpg

Friday 11th January - Live Racing - rFactor 2 GT3 @ Monza - 20:30 UTC
rF2 GT3 Live.jpg

Saturday 12th January - RDMC by Extreme Sim Racing Round 1 Live! 13:30 UTC
RDMC Round 1.jpg

Sunday 13th January - GTR2 - Still Golden? 20:00 UTC
Looking Back on GTR2.jpg

If you want to know what's hot (and what's not), then be sure to catch all the action as it happens from 20:00 UTC on the RaceDepartment Twitch channel.

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Sim Racing is awesome!

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Really good lineup this week...the Puma cars are lots of fun to throw around!


Ohh, GTR2! Will try to tune in!

Please tell me you're going to try the latest 10th Anniversary patch and/or HQ Mods. Booting up stock install will be a let down given it's age but mods make it look very acceptable.

Pro Tip: Try VLM Sebring. Best track I've ever seen in GTR2.

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
Heads up, stream tonight (9.1) will be live from 20:30UTC, not as advertised at 20:00 UTC due to technical difficulties.. sorry!


@Paul Jeffrey Did the review of KartKraft's AI happen yesterday? Been looking for it on Twitch since last night (early Friday morning UK time) with no luck.


Lots of technical difficulties last week, eh? The GTR2 stream didn't go either?

No worries, though, thanks for the videos!
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