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Ole Marius Myrvold

JWB 96-13
Sep 29, 2009
For the upcoming magazines we would like even more content based on the participants in the league. We will continue with what we have done, but we'd always like more content of all kind as well. Some of what's useful for us:

  • Stageguides. A short description of a stage in the game. Every stage will be used throughout the championship. The length of the description should be 120-150 words. It is always useful to have different drivers view on different stages, as we all focus on different aspects.
  • Pictures, as already seen, pictures posted in the rally-world and the event threads can be used in the magazine, pictures from early stages, or with a fairly damage-free car, and with RDRC-numbers on are preferred, but others can be chosen as well.
  • Background pictures. We often use screenshots as blurred backgrounds on the Magazine-pages, some dark, some light. As it is blurred out it's not overly important with damage/no-damage and so on, but pictures in a higher resolution than 1080p is always a nice thing.
  • Articles, if you have an idea of a guest article, go for it. Self-centered and self-team centered articles are something we would like to avoid, neither will articles that advertises other leagues or products (unless said product also sponsors, or want to sponsor RDRC) have any realistic chance of be included.
  • Anything else? Have you got a great idea? We would love to hear it! :)

Credits will of course be given, both on the credits page and on article(s).
Questions, content, ideas etc. can be sent to Ole Marius Myrvold on PM by clicking here.
Not open for further replies.