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Featured RDMC by Extreme Simracing - Only One Winner! Ross McGregor

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan, Feb 17, 2019.

  1. Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan

    Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan
    Mr. C Staff Premium

    Welcome to the final round of RDMC by Extreme Simracing, what a season and what a final round!

    Well, I don't know actually how to start this as I have some good points to make but also I have some bad ones, I know in theory in the last round I should be all sentimental and be like "Ohh, I can't wait for next season" and "what an amazing season" and "thank you to everybody involved" and so on, and I do actually feel all of the above, but I would like to be myself and just share my opinion of the last round from my point of view - and hopefully I won't get fired!

    I think I am going to do a Jeremy Clarkson here, start good - bad - good or similar, let's see where we end up...

    Race One Division One

    Well, @Chris Butcher got pole and wanted to make one hell of a last event. As it happens with him sometimes (sorry Chris), luck is definitely not on his side since commentators kept saying that Mr. @Craig Patteson was very unlucky in other eSport competition, maybe he tagged Chris just before the start of RDMC 11. Chris had a good start but soon it was clear that his laps were not recorded and inevitably followed by a disconnect. With the session made in such a way that he wasn't able to join for race two, it was game over. Absolutely gutted for Chris, he's a good bloke and I really wished he could have taken the fight to Ross not just in this race but overall in the championship... I presume I am preaching to the choir as I am sure he had the same desires...

    Moving on, the battle was now between @Chris Shepherd and @Ross McGregor and last lap was epic, I really loved how both of them used absolutely every trick in the book, at the hairpin (20:30 timestamp in the YouTube broadcast) Ross was going for the undercut and as soon as Shepherd realized he just put the car in the middle to block that move off, proper smart and good race craft and until the penultimate corner where Ross somehow managed to get the smallest of overlap and dive on the inside, another Rossi from Ross. Behind @Matt Le Gallez and Mr.Craig Patteson were fighting hard for the last podium spot with @Sehzade747 waiting for both of them to run into trouble, but Craig managed to hold on for his first podium this season, with Matt fourth and Garcia fifth.

    As usual rest of the top 10 battles were bang on crazy and unexpected, so for one last time, be sure to watch the broadcast with @Joseph Wright and @Paul Glover by just pressing play on top of this article.

    Race One Division Two

    @Jopamir took the win in what looked like a comfortable lead of three seconds with @Luka Berk in second. Winning the final podium spot would be @Franklin Stegink from @King_of_sertao by only 0.3 seconds and @Daniel Monteiro who got one too many cut warnings and had a last-lap penalty.

    Sadly for the final two races, there were only 15 people in the server but it seemed they still enjoyed themselves and a big praise to each and every one of them for sticking to it. Big thank you from me, a very good way to show respect to the organizers :
    1. @Luka Berk
    2. @Matej Ivanusa
    3. @Jose Paulo Miranda
    4. @Ed Sierra
    5. @Rob Moore
    6. @Paul Beecroft
    7. @Franklin Stegink
    8. @David Mann
    9. @Mike McGeer
    10. @Daniel Monteiro
    11. @Alex Townsend
    12. @Craig Dunkley
    13. @Dave Stephenson
    14. @Colin Alexander
    15. @Ingemar Petersson
    16. @Fernando Pina

    Race Two Division One

    Well this was a tad more "interesting" but we got another winner that I can take some credit for, I think, no? @Pappa_G_27 I remember that I kinda said on TeamSpeak that maybe you will get a race two victory and here we are? where's my beer? Joking aside, after some misfortunes he ended up in the front of the pack in race two and as soon as the lights went all that he did is stretch the gap to second place, good consistent race, Congratulations and with that we can say we have five winners in RDMC by Extreme Simracing Season 11 in division one, @Chris Butcher @Sehzade747 @Ross McGregor @Chris Shepherd and the above-mentioned @Pappa_G_27.

    So, Simon led every lap of the race and @Fatalist88 got second while the battle for third....in the last lap @fex was in that position until the last sector where I presume he touched the grass in the braking zone and went off, gifting third to @TobiasR who in his turn barely got that from a charging Ross McGregor by only 1 tenth at the line.

    The bigger story is that at the start of the last lap fourth to ninth where 1.5 seconds apart, basically a train of cars and being the last race of the last round of the season things got a bit rough, and rough is the very short resume of race two.

    Also sadly we lost Chris Shephard at the start of the race as he was starting from pit lane and then he realized that he was too far off to get any good points and did not finish the race, and that affected his championship standings a lot....

    With Alister Reed on the podium the stats for division one of podium finishers are :

    10 podium finishers in RDMCS Season 11 :
    @Chris Butcher @Chris Shepherd @Ross McGregor @Matt Le Gallez @TobiasR @Craig Patteson @Pappa_G_27 @Bram Hengeveld @Sehzade747 @Fatalist88 congratulation to all of them.

    Race Two Division Two

    For a clean Portuguese sweep, @Daniel Monteiro took the win like his compatriot with a 6 second gap from the battle for the third place between @Luka Berk and @Trebormoore84 with the later finishing fourth just 0.4 behind the podium.

    The stats for division two winners and podium finishers are :
    14 podium finishers and five race winners
    @Mike McGeer @M I @Frank Lehmann @Daniel Monteiro @Jopamir are the winners
    @EireGreen™ @jayjfinn @Franklin Stegink @Luka Berk @Trebormoore84 @Paul Joseph @praxtonio @Yetch @Scott duncan the rest of the podium finishers.
    Congratulations to everybody.

    Honourable mentions go to @Jivesauce for his race reports and we wish him much health and everybody that made race reports, as I do enjoy reading them.

    Also @Dave Stephenson for his work behind the scenes and maybe with more free time he will have some decent speed also! Thanks Dave! luv u!

    Winners and Strawberries - Round 5 by Mr. C (let the hate come in)
    • #deserved, just no!;
    • Chris Butcher, the bad luck never runs out it seems;
    • bad, bad racing behavior in division one and poor attendance in division two;

    First double champion of RDMC by Extreme Simracing

    Well beyond that what is there to say? Ross McGregor stepped up to the plate in a field full of talented simracers and won. I mean, personally I am impressed overall but what impressed me more is the fight. I might be wrong, but knowing Ross and watching him race, his style and attitude was that he waited for others to do mistakes and then pounce. Well this season he just improved himself (in my eyes) and fought wheel to wheel like the best wheel bangers out there and it was lovely to see, and the Rossi like moves at the end of the races were a treat in itself.

    Massive congratulations to Ross and hopefully we will see more of him in other RaceDepartment eSport competitions.

    My take of RDMC Season 11 by Extreme Simracing

    Hmm..I have been far and close, I have seen and done good and bad, I have witnessed greatness and defeat and I enjoyed every bit.

    As a spectator, I have seen many eSport competitions in my 9-ish years of simracing and I always enjoy the unpredictability of races and BTCC style of racing rather than more big names that have high pretensions. This season was good to watch and even though at times the racing was a bit hectic, to put it mildly, I have definitely seen a lot worse. I properly enjoyed myself and the full reverse grid was a master-stroke, I wished the "feature" race was at least 80min or like in the old days, 90min, "90min Mini Friday" maybe in RDMC Season 12.

    This time I was also a part of the team, boy do I have a terrible voice :), but I did enjoy writing the articles and share my own personal view of things that I have seen, and talking about what I have seen, my takeaway highlights from this season are :
    1. Round One @Matt Le Gallez speed = shocked;
    2. Position 4/5 to end of top 10 each race crazy fights;
    3. Chris Butcher hefty and unprecedented penalty;
    4. Last race driving standards;
    5. and to end on a high, Ross final lap manoeuvrers.
    Was a really good season, can we improve? Of course, there is no perfect thing and I am sure we can improve in all areas, if in our bubble everybody liked it then we need to get out of the bubble and find those people that don't like it and take that constructive criticism and make a bigger better thing. I personally wish we can go away from the weekly races and make them bi-weekly, would love the 90 minutes feature race and maybe 6-8 rounds, I don't know, this is what I would like doesn't mean are good ideas.

    Last round, last race - why people?

    So, 15 people in Division Two? really? Whenever there are talks about an eSport competition there is so much hype, so much interest, and everybody is willing to jump and participate and by the end of an ONLY 5 round competition, we have such a big drop in participation!!!

    Please o Please tell us, people, what are we doing wrong? as I know there are places in this simracing world where commitment is higher, I will be more than happy to read every single suggestion and take it on and debate it, but try to see the other side too, the side of the people that do this volunteer work because we love simracing.

    We put work, passion and then all we want to see is people having fun and enjoy with us this passion, but when we get such a high attrition rate we get deflated and unmotivated to do another eSport competition, and then community asks again for that and we live in this vicious circle here at RaceDepartment, what is the solution?

    What happen, did most people kept the anger until the last race and then went all berzerk? I get it, I am a simracer also, I have been punted, hit, flashed, dive-bombed, sideswiped and all the things and I definitely served some of it back but this was another level, yes I have seen worse in my simracing career but that is no excuse to have it here, I know adrenaline is running high and the fight back response is on but just try for the future to be that little bit earlier on the brakes, if you have a guy that he's mega aggressive let him by, your going to lose more time and places fighting with him than just let him go and in the long run you will definitely feel better if not coming on top.

    Winners and Strawberries - RDMCS Season 11 by Mr. C (let the big hate come in)
    • The one and only, the mega, the ultra the double Ross McGregor champion;
    • Matt le Galez for second place, well done, well-done sir;
    • Craig Patteson, broke your duck, congratulation on a well deserved 3rd place;
    • @Kresh for the big winner of the Extreme Simracing prize, congratulation;
    • Extreme Simracing - thank you and hope you guys keep up the good work;
    • RaceDepartment.
    • Chris Butcher, definitely he was my favorite for the championship, sorry mate;
    • hmm...struggle to find another bad-ish thing, let's go with last round attitude in general.
    RaceDepartment Mini Challenge Season 11 Mr.C Out!

    P.s. - disclaimer - I am by no means a professional writer so take this article with a light heart and see the funny side. These are my personal opinions and don’t reflect in any way shape or form what RD administration thinks, or the RD community in general.

    Don't forget, you can catch all the racing action, live and exclusive, on the RaceDepartment Twitch TV channel.

    Like what we do at RaceDepartment? Follow us on Social Media!

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  2. Matt Le Gallez

    Matt Le Gallez
    Shaping up a new jump here, just gonna send it! Premium

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  3. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper

    I think two things probably affected division two.

    One, a portion were probably casual racers and underestimated how tough the competition would be. I see that quite a lot in leagues on here and I admit it’s a situation I have found myself in. Too much work and not enough time to practice mean I don’t find leagues worthwhile for me on here, although I certainly enjoy watching them when I can.

    Secondly, when it was announced that the division two races wouldn’t be broadcast, that put a lot of people’s noses out of joint. You could see a lot of the interest had gone for them. It was explained countless times why, but I think that did upset people.

    Wouldn’t make much difference to me, racing is racing and I enjoy it. Can’t afford the real thing so this is the next best thing for me. Lol

    Anyway, well done to all the people who took part and made it to the end. The team at RD who set the races up, did the commentary, spotter guides, and all the other bits and pieces to make these leagues work, awesome job as always.

    Finally we’ll done to my mate @Craig Patteson who was really strong in this league and worked hard for every result he could achieve on raceday. Well deserved P3. Thanks for asking me to do the livery for you.
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  4. Isaac Chavira

    Isaac Chavira
    Livery Designer Premium

    Are you running anymore series?
  5. Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan

    Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan
    Mr. C Staff Premium

    Stay tuned ... Next week's maybe an announcement will be made
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  6. Craig Anderson

    Craig Anderson

    Well done guys. Was a great championship to watch... Close racing... Bump and bruises but fair driving.. Some overtakes was a bit harsh to do but still great... Can't wait for the next one... Real shame I won't be able to join in due to time
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  7. Jivesauce


    Thanks for taking the time to write these race reports all season, Mr. C, I've really looked forward to reading them every time. And thank you for the honourable mention as well!

    I'm very new to sim racing and I really enjoyed this whole experience. I'll be back for another event in the future more practiced, polished, and ready to take the fight to everyone! I said it in the other thread, but thanks again to everyone here at RD for organizing everything, and to my fellow competitors for their fair racing and patience with a couple of my rookie mistakes in the early races :D
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  8. David Mann

    David Mann

    I think that maybe the rules were too harsh in ejecting people from the league for missing races. I understand the desire to have people fully commit to the season, but especially in Division 2, it's better to have more cars on track, even if they're not there every race.
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  9. Daniel Monteiro

    Daniel Monteiro

    A suggestion to improve this issue could be to allow these drivers to go directly to the bottom of the reserve list, instead of being removed completely, for example.

    As we saw, Fernando Pina was removed for having missed Round 4, and then re-registered for the series, thus becoming a reserve. And since many of the removed drivers did not have the same idea as him, Fernando could participate at Round 5 with no problem.

    Maybe some of the removed drivers chose to believe that they would not be allowed back in the series (while others simply weren't able to come back) - it was a bit of a grey area that Fernando exploited nicely, so perhaps if it just became the norm it could give the chance for newcomers to enter midseason, while at the same time giving an automatic chance for those removed to come back. Just a thought :)
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  10. Craig Dunkley

    Craig Dunkley
    Race Events Host Staff Premium

    Very nice report Mr C :thumbsup: Thank you :thumbsup: ...I would have loved to have gotten in the Div1, but that was only a dream. I had only ever once driven the mini once prior this event, for a short period, so it was an uphill struggle all the way for me and that hill was steep, I might add.

    I think the organisation was nothing short of superb, even though I knew I was going to get my butt whooped again, I very much looked forward to Saturdays :thumbsup:

    I also thought the commentary was excellent, many many thanks guys :thumbsup:

    Roll on 2020 where I hope I can improve on my performance :thumbsup:
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  11. Ross McGregor

    Ross McGregor

    Thanks all, and thanks to Mr. C for his articles this season!

    See you all next season...
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  12. David Mann

    David Mann

    Good idea. A variation of this would be to force the driver into the bottom division for the next race, which would be less harsh.
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