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RDHPC - Pre-Season Test Event - Sun 25th January 2015

Denis Betty

The older I get, the better I was.
the replay of the broadcast ;)
Just wanted to say a REALLY big thank you to the guys involved in organising and running this event. TBH I'm blown away.
I think the quality and profesionalism of the video and commentary speaks for itself.
I just think the whole thing is a really great advertisment for RD.
I'm really looking forward to Next week.
Thanks again guys, keep up the good work. :notworthy::notworthy::notworthy:
Two fantastic races but unfortunately with one bad movement from me. I hit @Silvino Rodrigues in a breaking situation and I misjudged totally his speed through the turn so I hit him and he spins around and when I saw that I waited and waited but Silvino never showed up. Then I saw that he left the race. I am so sorry once again for that incident.

No problem @Sven-Arne Andersson ;), thx for the waiting but i blow up my engine on the next lap:whistling:, congrats to Simoncic and Silva for there win's and all the rest of the guys for the nice races, thx also for the broadcast man sorry i dont know the name :redface:, i realy believe that will be nice series, cya next time guys :thumbsup:

Yves Larose

My event report

Qualy 1: didn't do my fastest lap but was good enought for P4

Race 1: my start wasn't bad and was able to maintain my forth place, for a few lap i was able to keep up with the top 3 but after a few laps i made a few little mistakes and from there i was unable to catch them up so decided to manage my race and avoid any more mistakes and secure my forth place to the finish.

Qualy 2: again didn't do my fastest lap and again was able to secure forth place

Race 2: had a better start then @Jarek Kostowski and was able to grab third place at T1 :) but the 2 guy's infront were too fast for me to keep up so i was managing my gap to forth place, that went well until i over did it coming out of turn 12 and had a little kiss with the fence that cost me third place :( from there i secured forth place to the checkered flag. one good thing about the second race is that i finally broke into the 2.13 :D

in all it wasn't a bad event for me and i'm looking foward to round 1 :)

thanks to everyone that showed up and thanks to @Thomas Hinss and @Davy Vandevenne for the broadcast :thumbsup:
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If yesterday was a sign of things to come, i'm proud to be part of this :).

Flawless event, racing was great, no major issues and a genuinely entertaining broadcast.
Impressive speed by @Guilherme Silva & @Jernej Simončič , i'm motivated to practice more to try and have a piece of the battle you two got going there already.

Little problem on my part was when everybody disappeared for a bout 5 seconds in lap1/turn1 of the second race, bit confused i lifted in the middle of the road slightly off the racing line which put my in P5 but luckily didn't cause any trouble as i could see in the broadcast.

I was looking forward to dance a Waltz for P3 with @Yves Larose then, but he didn't want to give me the satisfaction and decided to do some breakdancing on his own :p.

I haven't watched a lot of those broadcasts and i'm anything but objective when it comes to HGTTC on RD but this has to be the best one i've seen so far, thanks a lot to @Thomas Hinss & @Davy Vandevenne for doing this. I wasn't bored for a minute, pure quality gentlemen.
(Almost got my name right too, it's Koss-toff-ski :D)

Thanks to all racers who showed up and to Yves for organizing, pretty sure this baby of yours will be something to remember.
Bring on round 1 :cool:.
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