RDGTC S2 | GT Championship 2010 (GTR Evolution)

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I would be in if it's on a weekday from monday-thursday!:)

Edit: Oh, sorry, it isn't sure now either, forgot that it's may now. But has bigger chance than a weekend.

Ross Balfour

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I would be in for this! Please have it after June 17th please :D Maybe this season I can actually compete at the top as last time I was sloooowwww.
Good memories,this was the series that saw the birth of BVM and me and Ben running away with the Sport team title in our Moslers,might be time to dust down Evo again......

James Johnson

The Weatherman
Lol my Corvette C6R GT2 hardly has any mileage on it from RDGTC. Only finished Mid Ohio and i retired from P1 at nords with damn connection issue. :)
oh yeah i'm definitley in. I'm ok with the day of the week IF it starts in june. School will be out and be more time for me behind the wheel. Then again weekends would be though for people because i bet a lot of us are planning a summer vacation like me and also for me and giorgos are karting schedule will be busy because summer is when everything heats up in the national level and gets ready for the world finals in whatever class it has it.
i see a lot of yes's bram. Good idea to set up a poll and see if a lot of people would join. If theres a lot of people wanted to do it either do what the rdtcc does or just do different classes for each server (like gt sport, gt pro, gt club). I'm ok with the date as long as the races aren't in a row because how many people have free schedules for several consecutive weeks?

Bram Hengeveld

I first need to discuss the options with somebody in the admin team before ill proceed and post the outlines of the championship (almost done). It will be an exclusive GT1 championship.

So unfortunately this beauty i can't enter this time :)

More likely you will see these beasts :D

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