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    As you may know there was recently a change to how the club races for rFactor and RACE Series at RD were posted and run. The change was made in an attempt to provide more racing across the board but in reality this has not shown to be the case. With this in mind and reading all the feedback from our licensed members we are happy to announce that with immediate effect, we will be returning to a system of individual events scheduled on their own merit and their own race formats, with each of the timezones able to run the events of it's own members preference instead of using the same event across all timezones. Event registrations will now be handled via our brand new automated sign up tool.

    announcement.jpg Below is a summary of online racing in the coming weeks and months at RaceDepartment.

    For the moment the rFactor club has returned to running its events only for the European timezones until such a time that sufficient interest in US/AUS rfactor events allows good racing in those timezones.

    RACE Series
    The RACE series club will continue to provide racing in multiple timezones. The events will once again see modded content return to the standard race calendar although we will continue in our efforts to strike a balance between modded and stock content. Expect to see stock cars on modded tracks over the coming days and the reintroduction of some of the more popular modded car classes.

    Events suitable for AUS/ASIA timezones will now be reduced, with the EU Sunday morning WTCC event which has enjoyed success over the years returning this week. In addition a Saturday morning EU event will also be scheduled to try and provide further opportunities for racing to our AUS/ASIA members. Members who would be interested in the additional Saturday events are encouraged to send us their suggestion for what classes you would like to see run.

    Combined US timezone events will return this week. We will initially start with a few races per week. We would love to hear from our US members about what events they would like to see, best times for racing, and the days they prefer to race.

    Other Clubs
    Our other clubs are running as usual with great events across several sims including GT Legends, Gran Turismo 5, F1 2010, netKar PRO, and Historic racing events. Things are ramping up in RD's iRacing club over the coming months with events covering several of the car classes there should be something for everyone. Check out the game forums for the full schedules. Also note that racing clubs have been added for rFactor 2, DiRT3, and Game Stock Car in their respective forums and events will start immediately on release day!

    Racing Staff
    We are currently on the lookout for some dedicated, enthusiastic people to join our Racing Staff for the RACE series to organize events for EU and US timezones. If you are interested and would like more information please send a private message to Dave Stephenson via the forums.

    After another long but successful season of the RDLMS some of the endurance racers amongst you may have a hole to fill. Well fear not! We currently have two top endurance series in planning to start over the coming months, including a return for a 3rd season of the RD Le Mans Series and the addition of RD's first endurance series outside the walls of rFactor, the RDiLMS. The RDiLMS will bring the same superb mixed class endurance racing ethos of the RDLMS to iRacing 2.0 which boast driver swapping and night racing amongst its features!

    RDGTC Season 4 using SimBins recently released BMW M3 GT2 has just finished, but as the touring car fans amongst you will know this league alternates its seasons with the Race Department Touring Car Championship which should be making a comeback itself in the not too distant future.

    Formula 1 league action will return to RD this autumn with the Race Department Formula Series. Ivo Simons will bring the former Formula Pro Series under the RD banner with two distinct championships. The first, Formula Pro Championship, will feature Formula 1 cars at a variety of tracks and will, like the Formula Pro Series before it use ISI's rFactor. Mod selection is not confirmed yet until more information on upcoming releases is obtained, but sure front runners are likely to be IPM's FSONE 2009 or FSONE 2010. The second series will follow a similar structure using slower formula cars such as GP2, allowing sim-racings to test their wits in the proving grounds of many young and aspiring Formula 1 drivers.

    Following the recent success of the iRacing club's Indy car events and the large amount of people interested in doing more with it, we also have plans brewing for a mixed road and oval league using the car and the fantastic tracks that iRacing offers. Look out for more news on this as the plans progress.

    Head over to the forums and select the racing club of your choice. We hope to see you on track soon!

    And a little teaser: stay tuned for some more nice changes in the upcoming days that will only improve the useability of RD even more!

    RaceDepartment Staff
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