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RD Fun Contest - Best Racing Engine Ever Made (IV Turn)

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There can be just one.

We have come to the last poll of the first round, and this time I must say that it is the strangest one. This is in fact about all the various alternatives to traditional engine layouts, and it includes all those that effectively made it into a racecar. Unfortunately, not all of them powered race-winning vehicles though. Actually, it could be said that only the Wankel did, while the Radial and Turbine engines made brief but spectacular appearances in the motoring world.
The Radial was indeed fitted to the sleek looking Monaco-Trossi racecar, which however took only part to the practice sessions of the 1935 Monza Grand Prix. Due to the disastrous weight balance (75% front, 25% rear), it showed spectacular understeer and had to be retired because of its dangerousness. It still exists to this day however, and displayed at some historical events.
Conversely, the Turbine engine had more mileage covered, and was at different times used in various prototypes for GTs, F1 and Indycars. The most effective was the Howmet TX that competed in the 1968 World Sportscar Championship and even managed to put 2 wins under its belt, even though, truth be told, they were scored at some minor events. Still, impressive.
I believe the Wankel needs no further introduction. Le Mans winning engine, its scream is most recognisable by any petrolhead in the world. Widely present in simracing, and stage protagonist whenever it is present at any historical event or meeting, whatever car it is fitted in.

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Therefore, vote, and share in the comments a picture and a description of the car you love fitting the engine you root for. Tell us why you like it, since when and if you have any fond memories associated with it. More so, have you ever had the chance to see it in real life? Did you manage to take a picture with it? Is it virtually represented in any sims you like?

Let us know, in the comments below!

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Durge Driven

Jun 17, 2017
Rotary wanker ......... just because I voted for it don't mean I got to like it :p

Get to the end we all know V8 rules :x3:


Jun 22, 2018
Rotary all the way! I hope LiquidPiston's HEHC design makes it into cars before gas gets outlawed

Durge Driven

Jun 17, 2017
I did not know that sound has a part in technology ?

Best looking best sounding engine Rolls Royce Merlin

2nd best sound GM 8v92TT yeah its a V8 :)
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Jan 27, 2010
Turbine obviously. Sounds way cooler than the overrated 787B and so good the lamers in charge had to essentially ban them. V8 were just easier to monetise and regulate.


Jun 27, 2015
I was at the British Motor Museum (to see the XJ13) last summer when the staff mechanics got one of their turbine cars up and running in front of a crowd of about a half dozen visitors... a lovely, unique sound and a fascinating car.

Which still doesn't hold a candle to an RX8 with an aftermarket exhaust, much less the 787B.

Rotary, all day long. :thumbsup:
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