RD Formula Manager - Season 3

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Omer Said

RaceDepartment Formula Manager is a forum game in which you own a F1 team and manage it in seasons consisting of 10 races. In order to play the game, a daily 5-10 minutes is enough to commit. The game uses a complicated set of formulas made with MS Excel 2007.

You start with 2500 credits. Name your team, (Don't use engine names in your team name) pick two colors, sign an engine contract, a tyre contract, pick two types of sponsors, and hire at least 1 driver. (Careful that drivers are not free, check out marketplace) (You name your drivers unless you buy a specific driver from another manager. BUT you have to use realistic names, please dont make names like "speed devil" or "boogey man" etc...)

When your team is ready, wait for the race start. Races start with qualifying. You have to adjust your drivers' tyre compounds and fuel levels before the qualifying. Between qualifying and race, there is no chance to change them. Parc Ferme lock is applied.

First update is the qualifying in which your drivers set a single lap time. Beware as your starting fuel levels and tyre compound will be the one which is used in the qualifying.

After qualifying ends, race starts and every update completes a lap in the race. Between the updates, you can change your paces and engine revs. Also you can order usage of KERS. And you can call your driver to pits (When you order a pitstop, you have to inform me about tyre change and fuel addition. You can opt to not change tyres or refrain from refuelling. All is up to you, there is nothing mandatory in the races regarding tyre compounds and fuel usage).

Give all
Focus (Not available by default, the driver should have focus training)





After a race ends, you will get prize money from your finishing position and sponsors. With this money, you can buy items from the marketplace and this way develop your team. Remember that you have to renew your tyre and engine contracts each five races. And your drivers become free at the beginning of each season regardless of the time you buy them. There is an option to partner with an engine supplier which changes many things, please see marketplace list for further details on this subject.

  • Maximum Drivers you can have: 2
  • Weather forecast is not %100 reliable. Just like real-life.
  • There is a luck factor, please don't flame me if you get unlucky at some occasions.
  • There is a fixed amount of repair damage, and if you car is below it, your car will not be repaired completely. Each pitstop repairs a certaion amount of damage/wear. BUT you can order your pitcrew to repair the car %100 with a long pitstop. You can either pit for a normal pitstop, or a complete-repair pitstop.
  • You have to give your orders directly in the thread. Only thing you can hide from your rivals is your starting pace, rev, KERS usage, fuel load, and tyre compound in the beginning of the qualifying session (You hide it via PM)
  • Updates will usually be around 21-22-23-24-01 hours in Turkish time (Which is GMT+3)
  • New tyre and engine supplier brands might appear in the further seasons. Some new rules, regulations and tools might be introduced as well. In some season refuelling might get banned, or even new systems like ERS or DRS might be introduced etc.. The game is not in it's final form.
  • Team orders are allowed. Go make your Barrichello cry.
  • At the beginning, prices resemble the performance of the tyre and engine suppliers. But with upgrades, they will change.
  • You can change sponsors between the races, but not in the process of a race.
  • In case of an interest in hiring the same driver or partnering the same engine supplier by multiple managers, a bidding battle takes place. Bidding can be increased only by 100 and it's multiples.
  • More rules and information will be added with the questions of the managers...
  • (How the tyre-fuel-car hp values affect the cars in the game) While updating a turn, at first i calculate the speeds/mistakes/crashes/pits with the current values, then edit the tyre/fuel/hp values accordingly. So it is possible that a car can set a good lap time, and remain with %0 fuel in the end. But this would result in a retirement in the races as you can't continue next lap. Only if it is the final lap, you can finish the race without a retirement. BUT! If your fuel or car hp is consumed more than you have in the final lap, you will still get a retirement. If your fuel or car HP gets below 0 after the calculation of the final lap, you retire. If it comes to 0 or above, you finish zero.
  • In qualifying, engine failure is disabled. But your drivers can make mistakes. Crashing is also not possible.
  • Sponsorship prizes are calculated to each of your drivers seperately.
  • You have to pay a driver his/her full price even if he/she was contracted to you in the previous season. Only if there is a bidding battle, you can get it for a half-price if the driver was yours in the previous season.
  • At the end of the season, every 25 points of extra credits and Relationship points will be deducted in order to make things cleaner for all.
    For example; If you have 1575, it will be 1550. 1025 will be 1000.
    In PR: 25 points of relationships will be null. 75 will be 50, 125 will 100 etc etc...

At the end of the season, tyre upgrades will be reverted back. But tyre suppliers will have their stats changed randomly. Engine upgrades will remain. Chassis, qualifying, durability and KERS upgrades will be reverted back too. That is to provide a more equal ground in the next seasons. Driver upgrades will remain. There will be prize credits given according to your finishing positions in constructors and drivers championships.

All drivers will be free after the season. There will be auctions for the drivers. (Of course anyone can create new drivers with standard price). But the previous owners will be able to bid them for a half price. That is to say when a previous owner bids on his former driver, his 500 will be counted as 1000 etc etc... And you can only bid with at least 600 credits, and you can increase the bid only by 100 credits. That is to say you can't bid 650 credits.

At the end of the season, managers with enough money (prices are listed at the marketplace list), will be able to found their sister teams which will start with 2000 credits to the upcoming season. Sister teams will be controlled completely by the main team's manager. But teams' budgets are totally seperate and cannot be used for each other.

So that is all you need to know before joining up to this game. Calendar, marketplace, team and driver lists are in the 2nd Post!

TEAM-SUPPLIER Relationships

-Numbers in the above table signify the discounts which teams will get when their sign a new contract with the corresponding supplier.
-Doing testings for a supplier increases the discount by 100.
-Finishing on podium with a supplier increases the discount by 50.
-Finishing on podium as a SOLE customer of a supplier (among all cars, not just podium finishers) increases discount by 100.
-Switching to another supplier resets the relationship, and all of the discount gets removed.
-Maximum discount you can get is until the 100 credits. You have to pay at least 100 credits to get a contract with a supplier.
-If one of your drivers retire before the last 5 laps of a race. He/she can go and interact with a chosen supplier to increase his/her team's relationship with that supplier by 25 points.
-Managers with retired drivers should do their PR activity before the end of the race, or they will lose their chance to increase their relationship.

*This page is subject to change with the questions of the managers*
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Omer Said

  • Pre-Season Tests at Abu Dhabi (5 turns)
  1. Australian Grand Prix (20 laps) --- Won by Daniel Ricciardo (Sasha Jednak)
  2. Japanese Grand Prix (23 laps) --- Won by Michael Schumacher (Sasha Jednak)
  3. Turkish Grand Prix (18 laps) --- Won by Daniel Ricciardo (Sasha Jednak)
  4. Belgian Grand Prix (27 laps) --- Won by Daniel Ricciardo (Sasha Jednak)
  5. German Grand Prix (20 laps) --- Won by Simona de Silvestro (Tapio Rinneaho)
  6. Supplier Testings (Each tyre and engine supplier will get a single upgrade)
  7. Italian Grand Prix (25 laps) --- Won by Simona de Silvestro (Tapio Rinneaho)
  8. British Grand Prix (30 laps) --- Won by Ferenc Szisz (Jimmy Laad)
  9. Supplier Testings (Each tyre and engine supplier will get a single upgrade)
  10. French Grand Prix (34 laps) --- Won by Simona de Silvestro (Tapio Rinneaho)
  11. Canadian Grand Prix (20 laps) --- Won by Ronnie Peterson (Toby Kederer)
  12. Brazilian Grand Prix (25 laps) --- Won by Simona de Silvestro (Tapio Rinneaho)








ALL PURCHASES are FINAL and CANNOT BE REVERTED! (Unless there is a technical mistake)








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Nice apex, I'll take it!
Team Name: DTK Racing II
Engine: Ferrari
Tyres: Michelin
Sponsors: Type A, Type C
Driver 1: Nick Heidfeld
No driver 2 yet.

So that's: £2500-£500-£500-£600=£900

Chassis Level 1 and Driver Training - Speed for Nick Please
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Had things gone my way, who knows..
I'll take Button (since Aidan will take Hakkinen) and BIanchi for now

EDIT: Actually I won't steal anybody and I'll take Fangio and Bianchi, for now
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Nice apex, I'll take it!
Heidfeld, Turkington, Fangio and Bianchi? Well, that's an interesting grid so far :roflmao:

New rules look cool, cant wait for testing to begin!
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Team Name: Grip Racing
Color 1: Black
Color 2: Red
Engine: Mercedes
Tyres: Bridgestone
Sponsors: C & K
Driver 1: Valentino Rossi
Driver 2: Sebastien Loeb
Chassis Level 1
Driver Training - Speed: Valentino
Quali Level 1


Had things gone my way, who knows..
Ancevski Motorsports:
Sponsors: lol wtf is that. Type B
Engine: Ferrari of course (you didn't explain the differences yet) (500$)
Drivers: Whoa, Manolis not going for Nando! I take that (600$)
Tyres: Michelin (500$)

so far I only have 900$ left
Pitstop training for Nando (500$)
EDIT: Actually I'll just stick to speed when it comes to Nando (400$).

0$ left
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Lesley Buurlage

CEO Northern Lions Esports simracing department
Team: Speedy racing
Colors: I I I
Sponsors: C and E
Driver 1: Ayrton Senna
Driver 2: Max Verstappen
Chassis upgrade level 1

If i'm right i used all my credits now :)

@Omer Said Can you explain the sister team part a bit more? As i don't understand it but i'm quite interested
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Omer Said

Your purchases are valid, Lesley. :thumbsup:

I will post the team and driver lists when most of the purchases are complete :thumbsup:

By the way, engine and tyre supplier costs resemble their performances (see the rules and info). But i will not reveal their whole performances. Only fuel tanks of the engines are known exactly.

Edit: Welcome Toby! Good to have you as a new face here :)


Driver of the #73 Team OGMRZ Holden V8SC
Team Name: Elite Two Racing
Color 1: Red
Color 2: White
Engine: Mercedes
Tyres: Bridgestone
Sponsors: C & D
Driver 1: Mark Skaife
Durability Level 1
Driver Training - Focus: Skaife
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